I am a HUGE fan of Melissa McCarthy's, from Gilmore Girls right thru to Mike & Molly.  She is currently gracing the cover of an industry magazine favourite, {The Hollywood Reporter}.  This picture of her is breathtaking, what a woman.  The article they have written on her is fantastic; you really get to 'know' her.  The magazine also posted the 'behind the scenes' video for the shoot.  I love these videos because it makes you feel like you were there, makes you understand the concept of the photos and as well always get a good feel of the person outside their acting characters.  Melissa McCarthy is one of my girl crushes, and I think it's one of the best to have!  I also recently got my un-rated version of BRIDESMAIDS in the mail too, so a laugh filled girls night awaits me.  She totally made that movie!  And she hosts SNL this weekend, SHE IS EVERYWHERE!


My dad's birthday was the other night and like always we go to the KEG; it's one of his favourite restaurants.  Happy Birthday Dad!

 I am still getting used to taking BLOG photos of the clothes I wear to events, but each time I get a little bit more comfortable.  I am also trying to work with 'modeling' poses work best for me and my clothes.  As almost always, I was wearing a blazer (I am obsessed with them) and as almost always, in lovely shades of black lol.  I think if you know what works for 'you' then you always look at your best, it's no-fail clothing!  And these items are that for me.

 What I Wore: Jacket/Denim- Torrid, Shirt/Shoes- Forever21, Bag- ALDO



Coloured Pants...

 Coloured Pants...

 Today's earlier post about the PINK TUXEDO and seeing most stores fill up this fall with lots of coloured pants in all shapes has me inspired.  Personally I want a pair of cobalt blue ones so I have to find them, and seeing that its been a while since I have done a styling post I felt it was time; when inspiration hits, take it!

Here are 3 looks; all the pants are bright and fun and all cut in different ways.

Pink Pants:  a great pleated pant in pink, add some fun with a multi coloured leopard top.  I imagined this outfit for a late cocktail with a girlfriend, so a great necklace, bracelet and handbag add some subtle pizzazz.  The 'Hefner Loafer' is what I am calling it, keeps the look grounded and easy without going over the top; the shirt and pants do that on their own.

Yellow Pants:  Have some fun!  Yellow wide leg pants paired with a fun cropped top (my sister owns it) keeps the 'flowy' vibe going on top and bottom; it's all about the movement.  A pop of colour with a red cross-body bag makes the whole thing hipster-chic.  Paired with a great high heel really adds length and height to an already long lean outfit and grab some more colour with a red feather earrings.

Red Pants:  This outfit I see being worn on a coffee adventure or perhaps work on a casual Friday.  The straight leg pant paired with a great wool sweater and a bootie makes it an ideal outfit for fall.  A large envelope style clutch and a big watch round out the look allowing it to be functional and not dressy but still pulled together.

Now go out and add some coloured pants into your life!


Holiday parties are almost around the corner, not too close but close enough.  {HM}'s new arrivals section has this great tuxedo!  To pull of a satin suit is one thing and in HOT PINK is a whole other thing but what a statement suit!  This ensemble shouts I am confident and I am here to have a good time.  Wouldn’t you agree?!  I would totally be wearing this outfit if it came in my size to some delectable party this coming season.  Are you daring enough to wear a pink tuxedo?




While doing some online window shopping, my favorite past time, I came across this jacket that I must have in my life.  It's amazing!  I am a huge fan of anything sequined, and anything gold, and a blazer, it's like it was made JUST FOR ME!!!


 I also have a love of penguins, and I think this sweater would be so cute for the fall/winter season.  Why not have some kitschy pieces in your wardrobe.


WEDNESDAY GRIPE!  I do have a love for gold but not gold lame.  This dress I think only belongs on a POLE, if you know what I mean...lol Maybe this dress could be worn for a bachlorette party etc, but it definitely needs to be in a shameful party venue, or maybe just maybe, I should go as an OSCAR for Halloween, cause this would totally work for it!  Oh the ideas are rolling now!  I mean it looks like rolled out gold tin foil!  lol  
Enjoy the GRIPE!!!



Take a minute and enjoy this video that the House of Dior made for J’adore their perfume, starring Charlize Theron naturally, since she is the spokesperson.  Also making appearances are the holograms of  
Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.  
It is an amazing video.  I read online that it took 12 makeup artists, 12 hair stylists, 220 extras, 40 actors and a technical team of 100 people on set; and if you notice it was shot in the Palace of Versailles in Paris.   
I melt.

Fall Fun...

I had the honor of being the guest of my friend Shannon's parents to the 150th United Italia celebration here in Guelph this past Sunday.  This gala celebration included a concerto of the "AGOGICA" choir from Italy, and then a tasty 6 course meal at the local Italian Canadian Club.

The music was amazing, and as many of us remarked it was more of an Operetta then a choir.  Although I didn't understand a word (sadly, my background is Italian and I do not speak it) I was moved by the songs and the energy and love that the Italian spectators evoked.  In that moment I truly missed my Italian Grandmother who passed away 7 years ago, I knew that she would have loved this event, and I was thrilled that I could be there to enjoy this on behalf of my family.

Then came the dinner; man can Italians eat.  Stuffed by the third course, the speeches, conversation, and utter love for all things Italy kept the night moving right along.  Although I did have to leave and the dessert course had not been served, I was fully fed and left a 'happy Italian' and quite proud of my heritage.

Here are some of the photos from the event itself.

The program
The "AGOGICA" choir
The "AGOGICA" choir with Italian war veterans.  Check out their AMAZING hats!!
The Italian veterans doing a 'show' with the Italian Flag

Now Shannon and I got all doll'ed up for the event.  And had much fun doing so.  This is what Shannon chose to wear, doesn't she look great!
This is what I wore; dress- Alfani for Macy's, shoes- Calvin Klein, clutch- Old Navy, sunglasses- Forever21


Wish List...

Not only am I in love with this whole 'look' of Ms. Lauren Conrad's but in the words of uber-stylist Rachel Zoe, "I DIE", for that bag.  The 'Marcie' by {Chloe} is what it is, and it comes in a variety of colours and slight style variations; I love it no matter which way.  Maybe one day, so that is why it makes the WISH LIST!

Image: {imnotobsessed}


Well there is much to talk about from my weekend; I hope that you all had a great weekend as well.  While I gather my thoughts for the blog I thought I would show you what I wore out to a birthday party/pub night last weekend.

This was my FIRST piece of leopard print EVER.  Being that it is so hot for this season when I saw it at {Forever21} I thought of two things, first, I need that how fun! Second, this is a close to looking like a Kardashian sister as I ever will get!..lol

To tone down the leopard I paired it with a blazer and minimal jewellery since the print itself is over powering.  I felt so powerful and strong wearing this print: I look forward to wearing this party dress again.  Also, how much do you love my new {Forever21} bow necklace and ring; I am great little package! lol

 Shout out to my friend Shannon for her great bathroom which worked as the backdrop for this WIW photoshoot!



I am very T.G.I.F today, feeling under the weather never helps either.  As I look forward to this uneventful weekend I plan on lots of resting and vitamin C doses.

Today being the first official day of fall I wanted to some inspiration how to look trendy yet comfortable for those days when stuff needs to get done and you are not looking your most glamorous self.  Well I didn't have to look far because {RueMagazine} found a this photo from London Fall Fashion Week from photographer {krisatomic}.  Could this girl exude any more perfection of classy/comfortable.  I love the idea of pairing these two unlucky pieces together.  Now the key will be to find the perfect skirt and slouchy sweater, I am sure that will be harder then I think .lol

Thanks again to {RueMagazine} for this great Friday inspiration!  I hope you all have a great weekend and do something you love and find inspiration in your life!


On a recent shop I spotted these great riding boots at {ALDO}.  I tried them on and to little dismay they were super tight on the calves; I would never be able to get a skinny jean inside.  I considered buying them and having them stretched, and then thought, I will wait a bit to buy them instead.  I also thought they reminded me of a boot I had already seen before. 

So to the interweb I went and VOLIA, I was right, they are a great version of this Chanel Riding Boot!  I love when expensive things are tangible!

                                                Chanel {fashionpology}


Just Because...

Had a sweet treat post fashion show to reward myself for such a good job.  Pat myself on the back here.  Picked up this mini chocolate pistachio crunch mousse cake from {marketfresh}.  If all fashion shows end with chocolate I never want to stop!  It was super yummy and very light, just what a ‘model’ needs  hahaha.


I saw this great idea for a fun and creative way to store all your nail polishes {here} on Pintrest.  Find a vase or something cool and fill it with all your different polish colours.  
It makes having your nail polishes on display not cluttered but super cute!

Even Stella wanted to get involved on this photo shoot!


Fall Fun...

As I mentioned {here} I am a model..lol Well Kinda of course!  This past Saturday I was asked to walk in a fashion show for the store {Pennington’s}, hesitant at first, I said yes.  Why not I thought, I needed my ‘something new’ for September anyways.

I went to the fittings, curled my hair, practiced my strut all week and finally all came together for quite an exciting afternoon.  I walked in the show with a bunch of other gorgeous and funny did I mention gorgeous ladies.  Their support backstage was great since this was my first time.

The music started to play and I swung those hips of mine.  I had such a great time, and I am so thankful to my cheering section of 10 family and friends who came out to support me.  Seeing familiar and smiling faces in the crowd for sure calmed my nerves.

The show went by way to fast, I had five looks and yet it still flew by!  I am not sure when I am going to have another chance to be in fashion show so I will try and savor this moment for as long as I can.

Below are some pictures that my sister took for me, Thanks Kirstie and thanks everyone for your support!!!



I realize when you are young you can wear the ultra-mini skirt/dress and get away with much more, just want to say that first.  But!  Jordan Sparks wore this ‘dress’ to an event a few weeks back and I think it looks like lingerie or maybe what Tinkerbelle would wear?! She for sure cannot sit down or sneeze in that dress. Hahaha  

This Gripe isn’t at Jordan Sparks, but at this sparkly dress, I mean c’mon she looks fantastic and gorgeous!  Add a couple inches of material and I am all for it!  Happy Wednesday everyone!


Just Because...

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New section here on the blog, FOODIE.  You will not see it too often cause well frankly I don't really think anything I cook is worth mentioning hahaha.  Occasionally though I do pull out a culinary wonder and I will share it with you.  This post is for ‘The Birthday Dip’.  I made it for a dinner party this past weekend and it was a HIT!  Its beyond simple to make.  Here are a few photos so that you too can make BIRTHDAY DIP!

 All you need is yogurt, Cool Whip, and a box of confetti birthday cake mix

 Add 1 cup of yogurt

 Then mix in the whole container of Cool Whip

 Then add the entire bag of cake mix.  If you look closely you can see the confetti bits!

Serve with graham crakers, or animal cookies, even arrowroots, anything really.

Its super delicious and light too.  One of the dinner party girls remarked "it tastes like DUNKEROOS".  
So there you go, its Adult Dunkeroos!  Enjoy!


Love this dress that Drew Barrymore wore out to a post EMMY party.  I think the colours are so awesome, and I think her choice to wear a ponytail was great.  Navy and pink, that colour combo never fails.
 Thumbs up from me!


Just Because...

I have a crush on Kim Kardashian’s style, I will admit it.  Recently she posted on her blog that at a New York Fashion Week Show that she “I teamed it with these 10-inch heels and I was so nervous all night wearing them! I didn’t want to trip!” with her dress, insanity!!! 10-inch heels!!  WOW… now I have some big boy shoes of my own, but 10-inches, I don’t think I would have the guts to go that high.  Highest I own are 7-inches, if I wore 10-inch shoes I would be 6’4!!!  That’s taller then most men I know!  I guess if you’re a Kardashian sister and marry a 6’7 basket ball player these shoes are a must.  
 She posted a pic, but not a good one of the shoes, so try and imagine.  
Wonder what her tootsies felt like the next day?!

 Image: {Kim's Blog}

Event Clothing...

Last night was the EMMY awards, start of award season, and the start of some great red carpet fashions!  Jane Lynch hosted and she did quite a phenomenal job I think.  Here is a recap of who wore what!  So many nice dresses, I noticed most were column or very slight A-line, all in all very classy night! 
Check out the gorgeous ladies!

 Kerry Washington, Zuhair Murad, Sarah Hyland, Christian Siriano, Kate Winslet, Elie Saab, Nina Dobrev, Donna Kara, Lea Michele, Marchesa, Sofia Veraga Vera Wang

Gwyneth Paltrow, Pucci, Kristen Wiig, Zac Posen, Julie Bowen, Oscar de la Renta, Melissa McCarthy, in a deep purple that she designed herself, Kelly Osbourne, J. Mendel
 Katie Holmes, Calvin Klein, Emily Blunt, Elie Saab, Amy Poehler, Peter Som, Minka Kelly, Dior, Claire Danes, Oscar de la Renta

Julia Stiles, Georges Hobeika Couture, Christina Hendricks, Johanna Johnson, Heidi Klum, Christian Siriano, Jane Krakowski, J. Mendel, Julianna Margulies, Armani Prive

Images {imnotobsessed}



I am loving this effortless chic style from Jennifer Love Hewitt.  It’s that perfect Saturday afternoon errand outfit.  Wouldn’t you agree?!  Not to mention she makes the flare pant come back look fantastic!


Just Because...

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” 
- Oscar Wilde
 What a great quote to live by! 


Decided to start a new heading section here on FIMC, WIW stands for ‘What I Wore’.  I am wanting to showcase more of my personal style and what I wore to where!  Hope you like it!

Picking out an outfit to wear to my model fittings was easy, I wanted a casual but trendy look; I wanted them to remember why they picked me! Hahaha
I wore a long maxi skirt which is totally ‘in’ this fall; I wasn’t sure if I would like in on me but I am now in love with it and keep thinking of the different ways to wear it.  I went basic with a white tee and a cropped denim jacket for that laid back feel.  Accessorized with gold necklace and oversized watch and my favorite cognac bag, and the flip flops grounded the entire look.  In preparation for the show I find myself strutting everywhere I walk hahaha, hmmm I think I might do that normally though?!  The world is my catwalk!

 WIW: skirt, Old Navy, jacket: NewLook, tee: Old Navy, necklace: Forever21, watch: borrowed, ALDO handbag: ALDO, sunglass: LeChateau, flipflops: Havaiana *thanks Kirstie for taking the phots