New section here on the blog, FOODIE.  You will not see it too often cause well frankly I don't really think anything I cook is worth mentioning hahaha.  Occasionally though I do pull out a culinary wonder and I will share it with you.  This post is for ‘The Birthday Dip’.  I made it for a dinner party this past weekend and it was a HIT!  Its beyond simple to make.  Here are a few photos so that you too can make BIRTHDAY DIP!

 All you need is yogurt, Cool Whip, and a box of confetti birthday cake mix

 Add 1 cup of yogurt

 Then mix in the whole container of Cool Whip

 Then add the entire bag of cake mix.  If you look closely you can see the confetti bits!

Serve with graham crakers, or animal cookies, even arrowroots, anything really.

Its super delicious and light too.  One of the dinner party girls remarked "it tastes like DUNKEROOS".  
So there you go, its Adult Dunkeroos!  Enjoy!

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