30 to THIRTY!...

In honor of day 27 on route to Thirty, I thought I would showcase my sister who will be 27 in a few short weeks!!!

Now we don't always see eye to eye, we don't have the exact same fashion sense.  We butt heads over a majority of things lol yet we do share some similar passions in life.  She thinks I am party nuts and I think the same for her..lol  But with all that said, she is my sister and I love her OODLES!!!  Life would be far less entertaining without her in it.  We have grown to be come friends not just sisters.; And as we continitue to become the best women we can be, I am glad I have her by my side.

Happy Early 27th Birthday Kirstie! 

and for some Throwback Thursday... 1987!


30 to THIRTY!...

Today is day 28 on route to 30.. but you might question why I have the # 74 in the picture... welll...



Yes last night my offer was accepted on my very first house!  I am still in shock, and of course am running around tying up loose ends but I wanted to share this amazing life milestone with EVERYONE!
One of my goals in life was to have a house by the time I was 30, and well by-golly I did it!  So as of closing in May I will be the proud owner of house number 74!
I look forward to sharing lots of pictures and updates in the time to come.
But as of day 28 all I am saying is 74!

Happy Early 30th Bday gift to me!


30 to THIRTY!...

Yesterday marked the 30-day countdown till my 30th birthday! YEAH!!!

I have a few ways I want to celebrate on this blog however the next few days are hectic in my personal life but I will totally keep you posted!  I am so looking forward to 30, not dreading it what so ever!

To celebrate the 29th day I thought I would revisit my 29th blog post!  It happens to be a spotlight on a fashion icon I adore! {Emmanuelle Alt}.  Since this blog has become SUCH A BIG part of my life it is fun to look back and see where it has come from!

So join me as I countdown to THIRTY!  It's going to be awesome!



Happy Monday!!

Sometimes there is nothing simpler than a white shoe.  White high heels are EVERYWHERE this Spring but a white sneaker is also popping up.  Then again, it never really went anywhere.   A simplistic shoe makes an outfit pop!  Keep an eye out for a white sneaker to add to your closet!

Designers featured above, left to right; Daryl K, Temperley, Daryl K, Temperley 

Images {style.com}


Just Because...

This was sent to me via Facebook the other day and just had to share with all of you!
Enjoy your day!

'The Pope, wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lame gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a three-foot House of Whoville hat and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, on his way to tell us it's Wrong to be Gay.'



I am griping two days in a row.  Cause I can..lol

Today is the first day of Spring, you would never know it with the weather.  However, this is the time we all start buying warm weather clothes, like shorts!

Which brings me to this suspender/harness short combo! And yes, they are sold together! lol
GRIPE! ugh.
I should profess I did do a post on the {thigh harness} which I love, but this is not even remotely close to that!  This looks like 50 shades of grey bondage!  Not made for the street, or at least not made for the average lady on streets.... now perhaps a corner would be another story ;) lol

I don't have much else to say.. just a shaking of the head.

Happy hump-day, first day of Spring, and GRIPE day!!!  lol




You are what you eat right?! Or so they say!

When I stumbled upon {Mr.Gugu & Ms. Go} I was shocked, laughed, horrified but overall just puzzled.  Their clothes are ones for the record book that's for sure.  I think you are either going to LOVE them or GRIPE them that's for sure.

I chose to just show you the food sweatshirts, but there are pants, cats, and t-shirts.  It is hard to know where to start.  So click {here} and enjoy the site all on your own.  It's a doozie.

Happy GRIPE!


Just Because...

It is the Monday after the Sunday day-drinking extravaganza known as St. Patrick's Day.  I am Irish, my girlfriends and I can put them back therefore no blog post today! lol

Back tomorrow! :)  Happy Monday to you too!



While I spend countless hours online window shopping thought I should show you some things I ama adoring that I found this week!

Hope you have a great weekend and an even better St. Patrick's Day Sunday! :)


Now for this picture.. I just loved Jessica Chastain in robin's egg blue strolling down the streets of Paris with her very sexy man hand in hand.  When I dream, this is my life on a Sunday afternoon in Paris, it's picture perfect.



Spring is right around the corner, or at least it seems like it!  What now fills mine and best friend Cindy's shopping trips, is trying to find the PERFECT wedding guest dress!  It is not hard for most people I am sure, but we always want to look fantastic, elegant, stylish yet never to out shine the bride; Sometimes this is a fine line to walk.

When {Toni Plus} released their Spring catalog I was ecstatic!  This plus size retailer had three of the most beautiful dresses that would be perfect for such occasions!  The ones below were my favorite picks.  For weddings, showers, engagement parties, all fun events where you get to get a little more jazzed up than usual these dresses would be perfect for!  I can see you all smiling and nodding that you agree with me!..lol

My top pick is the first white and navy dress.  I am a sucker for Navy though! lol  {Toni Plus} has joined the world of social media as well, so let's embrace this upscale shop ladies.  Let's visit their sites, shop their stores and enjoy the luxurious way they will make our curves look!



All over the streets last year were Lucite clutches carried by all the 'important' fashion ladies.  And now they have hit the mainstream market with retailers like Zara and Aldo carrying them.  Easy enough to DIY and make all your own, showing off your handbag goods is all the rage.  Not wanting to show your new fav MAC lipstick, then place your items inside a great little cloth bag like a makeup bag or a coin purse and immediately your clear clutch is special!
I actually LOVE this clutch and can't wait to purchase one for myself.   And when I do, my BB will def need a new cover on it for display purposes! lol



Much like last weeks {chambray shirt} post when a freind asked "how does one style boyfriend jeans" I thought easy!  Then realized that not everyone knows how!  So I pulled some of my favorite blogger's boyfriend jeans looks for everyone to enjoy.  From super dressy to super casual these jeans that are still a staple in closets can be worn so many ways!

Which look is your top?  Hope you find inspiration and a new way to wear your jeans in more than one way!

and even I have a pair I love!


Just Because...

Ever wonder how the 'other' side lives?
Ever wonder what they wear to a swanky Paris Fashion week party?
I always wonder why I was not invited..lol

Perhaps take some inspiration and aww over these photos from {CarineRoitfeld}'s Paris Fashion week book party pictures.  This is what REAL people wear to parties!  I mean I know people who put less work into their wedding attendant outfits (myself included).  Let's take something from these pictures people and dress up a little more in our lives, not just for parties but in everyday too.  Pull out the big sleeves, high shoes, and LIVE like we are partying it up with the OTHER side..lol

Images {HarpersBazaar}