Summer Fun...

Weather here yesterday was UNREAL!  Summer is officially here!
What I really wanted to do was wear a cute sun dress {asos dress
have a cold refreshing Mill St. Organic beer on a patio and soak in the sun. 

 Instead my lawn was calling my name and it had to be cut.  Exhausted and sweated out every toxin in my body, grass was done. Boo to lawn care.



This post is brought to us by Cindy, the best friend.
She saw these animal shoes from the Marc Jacobs 2011 fall show and she immediatly 
sent me the link and said, "they would look great with black skinnies".
Couldn't have agreed with her more, although i know this is one trend I wont be getting behind. lol

Out of Reach...

Now I know its summer, or at least almost summer, and the thought of skating and leather quality goods is far far away for most of us. But with the ‘spring’ fashion shows showing fall products I couldn’t help but fall in love two seasons ahead of schedule.

These Dsquared skating booties made my heart melt! They are so impractical they are perfect! I want to wear them everywhere, book club, Starbucks even early morning skating practices! I cant wait to see the price tag on these babies this fall when they hit stores, maybe they should get added to the Christmas wish list now?!

Wish List...


I originally saw this item because one of the girls I coach had it. I immediately went to the Michael Kors website wishing and hoping they had a black berry version. Much to my dismay, they did not. This is the type of item that makes me want to get rid of the blackberry and totally get an iphone. I am a mac-girl, but as a text-er I just need my buttons! So until the day comes and Mr. Kors makes a blackberry wristlet I will just keep on wishing!

Welcome to my closet!!!!

This blog has been a long time coming; 3 years to be exact. Finally with enough courage and chutzpah behind me I am doing it.

In my closet you will find lots of things I love! Not just clothes but an overall life experience. Take what you need from it, borrow everything and anything, and use my sparkle to add something to your closet.

Again, welcome to my closet, sit down, grab a drink and enjoy. 