Just Because...

This weekend around these parts it should be warm, shocking since today is -1c.  So when I saw this picture of this woman dazing off into the distance I decided I want to evoke this image!  I decided, while I do up my Holiday cards this weekend, I will pull out my long black lace dress, pair it with some biker boots and a leather coat, and then add a great knit on as to not make me look to unseasonably crazy!  Bonus, if I can find a cafĂ© to sell me some champagne!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  What will you be doing as you daze off into the weekend with a smile on your face??  As always, I hope you get to do something that makes you HAPPY!

-Carlie xo

 Image {TheSartorialist}



A few weeks back I went out for martini's with some friends and pulled out this staple in my wardrobe this fall, a striped dress.  I have worn it countless times and for this night out I jazzed it up with some major sparkle!  Classic pieces like stripes, tights and diamonds are always a no fail way of dressing!

Wearing Old Navy dress | Aldo boots | Danier Leather clutch | Forever21 sunnies | 
Spike the Punch necklace | Pretty Chic ring | Addition Elle tights



Afternoon casual is brought up a notch with this electric blue lace top!  Goes perfectly with some flats and a touch of girly with the bib necklace.  Saturday afternoon coffee dates just got a little fancier! lol


 Wearing Addition Elle top | TOMS shoes | Torrid Trypp jeans |
 Forever21 tank | H&M sunnies and necklace



Monday was such a zoo I forgot to 'publish' this post.. so my apologies!

I have been reading {Closet Cooking} blog a lot, and he always makes the best food, so when Grey Cup (the Canadian version of Super Bowl) rolled around and my parents decided to have a party I wanted to try making this PIZZA DIP!  Yes pizza dip!  It was super tasty, just like a pizza, and above all it was super easy to make!!

Sorry for the half eaten picture... we had dug in before I realized I never took a picture!!!!  Click {here} to see the recipe!  I very much recommend making it for game night!


Just Because...

Enough said.  Go and enjoy the weekend and SHOP till you drop!!!  And don't forget to enjoy #CyberMonday as well.... so many good deals this weekend take advantage any way you can!


Field Trip...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited by {BrillCommunications} to a Spring clothing preview of not only {AdditionElle}'s line but of their new addition the EDIT line by {Jeanne Beker}.  Flattered and honored do not describe the joy I had to attend this event.

Not only was it my first clothing preview (blogger baby steps to get to it) but I was going to be able to be up close and personal with the Canadian fashion icon herself Ms. Beker and head of marketing for {AdditionElle} Roslyn Griner; I was quite lucky to be in this room!  We talked progression of fashion, the creativity found in fashion and just getting dressed in the morning, the love of clothes no matter the size and most of all, the beauty of women regardless of their size.

It was a day I will not soon forget nor do I want too!  I will float on this fashion cloud 9 for a little while, or at least until I break a 5inch heel and come down!..lol

We all sat candidly as Jeanne told us her story and how EDIT came to be!  Incredible stories and antidotes.  In a nut shell, follow your dreams! Even if they are to be a mime!

Just a couple samples of her clothes that will be hitting the stores late Spring. 


The next few shot are all of the {AdditionElle} Spring clothes; graphics, yellow, crisp whites!  The snow hasn't even fallen and already excited fro Spring!

That mint green, die.


Myself and the other bloggers with Jeanne! 
And shout out to Roslyn who is beside me; we share great fashion taste, both of us had tuxedo blazers on!  Also, Roslyn, I had a fantastic time chatting with you the entire event, you are a breathe of fresh air into the company and it is noticed by not only myself but every other curvy woman out there.  Keep up the great work, it is awesome knowing we have someone like you in our corner.



Well it finally happened.  This curvy blogger got an item that was coveted by all fashionistas but never available in larger sizes until {ASOS} did it.  God bless ASOS!  I got my army green fall coat with leather sleeves!!!  This was the UNTHINKABLE item I totally wanted but never thought I would get. 

The spikes were an addition I could do with our without, but since it came WITH I decided this is my bad ass coat!!!  Since this coat arrived I have been wearing it everywhere, proving what I have been saying for years; if you make great clothes for curvy girls, we WILL spend the money and wear it ALL the time!

Wearing ASOS jacket | Torrid Trypp jeans | Aldo booties | H&M bag | Forever21 sunnies



As I mentioned on Thursday, over the weekend friends of mine got married.  It was probally the most heartfelt and honest wedding I have ever been too.  The room was gorgeous full of greenery and creams, ethereal beauty a great way to describe it.  To Carrie and Mark, like I said at your wedding, you are a perfect couple and I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness; you have found your mate and always hold them tight!

Now...lol... For What WE wore!

Myself, Cindy and the AMAZING backdrop off the rooftop patio
 was a perfect setting for some blog pics.

Wearing ASOS dress | Aldo heels and earrings | vintage clutch

Wearing ALDO heels & clutch | Forever21 earrings & cuff | Rickis skirt | Primark tights & belt |  
NewLook top | Gorjana-Griffin necklace

our lovely photographer Michel-Antione got in one too!



This coming Saturday I have my last wedding of the year (unless someone elopes) and I am so thrilled for the couple!  This might be a wedding but in my eyes it also starts the the holiday party season!  I have currently narrowed my options for Saturday to two (post next week for sure) but when I came across this look from {FabSugar} I was only saddened that sequins unless the wedding is black tie are faux-pas.  However!  This look for a Holiday party is awesome!  You can finally make that turtleneck in the back of your closet look super duper chic!  This outfit it simple yet totally packs some major fashion punch!

More Holiday party styling to come for sure!  I mean the season has just begun!


Event Clothing...

Say what you want about Kristin Stewart's acting or her personal life but this girl hit the nail on the head with this Zuhair Murad dress at the Twilight premiere two nights back.  Hands down she came to make a statement and hold her own, and how can you not do that in a see-thru lace dress that fits you like a glove! A+.

Most starlets of her age bracket wouldn't dare to wear this dress and for that I like her just that much more!  Her fashion risk might have been to distract us from the fact that she was hanging off Robert Pattison's arm post recent scandal however I think she likes to be daring and doesn't give a damn.  Love her.  She always does wear 'daring' outfits, two of my favorite have been {this} and {this}, but nothing can come close to this nude dress.

Now I know I wouldn't have the courage to wear a see-thru nude coloured dress... on second thought I would, I just don't have an event to wear it too..lol  Now I need to find an event ASAP!  lol

What are your thoughts on it?  Let me know in the comment section!



Today's GRIPE came easily to me.... this morning I awoke over here on the East Coast to the pictures from last night's {Twilight} movie premiere, and saw Elle Fanning wearing these Prada flatforms!  Now, flatforms were BIG this year, and my fortune telling skills say they will be even BIGGER next year, but these take the fugly cake.  Whether or not you like flatforms these are too much.  They are feminine and sweet that I get, but they just fail to measure up to anything an 'average' woman would wear. 

This is my GRIPE... but let me know if you agree!  Are they too much?  Would you ever wear them?  Can she pull them off because she is a 14 year old, or are they too kiddish?

Images {JustJared}


Just Because...

First and foremost... HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

On Wednesday the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show was taped; it will air on Dec 4th on CBS.  I will be TOTALLY watching this show, it is very empowering, perhaps I should have a VS girls party?!  That afternoon the blog world and twitter world was flooded with backstage shots, and an hour after the show the runway pictures were glossy and all over the inter-web.  I am a woman that can appreciate the hard work they put in to getting their body's angel worthy.  Case in point, one angel had a baby two month previous!  You can mark my words, she worked her petunia off to be ready to strut in not much more then pasties and dental floss!  lol  Here is the final shot of the entire show.  ahhh girl crush! lol

One of the interesting things to hit the web that afternoon was this picture of super model Karlie Kloss in a bob!  She had just chopped off all her hair and was sporting some super short locks.  I thought to myself, don't all angels have long locks?  How will this work?? 


And then VOILA, they put in extensions!!  And in this shot I was reminded, they might work hard for their bodies but someone is also working just as hard on their hair!  Which then made me have a grumpy moment that I don't have someone making my hair look this good just anytime I want.  

 I am in NO WAY jealous that I am not an 'angel' but I will tell you, I will keep up my strutting in my daily life cause at the end of the day this "Carlie has a secret" too.... I ROCK... just in more clothes ;)



What is your favorite colour Carlie?  I always say BLACK.  And yes it is a shade and yes it is a neutral but it is my favorite.  It is classic, stylish, goes with EVERYTHING, black looks good on everyone, and best yet, it is available year-round!  Oh and it's slimming ;) something this curvy girls always enjoys!

When photos a week or so came out from the {LACMA} benefit, see the chartreuse post {here} these eight stunning celebrities came to the event in head to toe black.  How chic!  It once again reminded me that this colour is so timeless and perfect for EVERY occasion.  And I LOVE an all black ensemble. So when in doubt people, wear all black!

And as I type this I am in all black today.  I practice what I preach.

Images {JustJared}



Moustache Love...

Movember is upon us.... Not sure what that is, let me explain! lol  November is the month that men here in Canada and in the US will start to grow mustaches in order to raise funds for men's cancers below the belt.  You can read much more on the campaign {here} and donate there as well.  Something us ladies who support and donate, and for those who have to tolerate a furry upper lip for the month we gladly refer to as MO-sista's!  Clever eh!  Well this Movember it works out perfectly that mustaches can be found EVERYWHERE and in a variety of options!  Click on the above image to see where to get these pieces.  

However, do not only buy a mustache product but do donate to this great cause.  Cancer effects everyone, so be a great MO-sista and donate!  Save our men! lol  




I am cold.  My hands.  My feet.  And it is only +4.  What a long season it will be.  I am done complaining until at least 1x foot of snow is on the ground!  Promise.

Something I do not own are white jeans.  I am notroiously clumsy and I KNOW I would totally spill on them.  Second, I do no think covering my tree trunk legs in white will be flattering at all...lol  I also don't believe in the rule, no white after labour day... it's a colour, wear it when you want.

So, imagine my surprise while doing my daily ready a week or so back on {Eat.Sleep.Denim} when their blogger Taylor, was not only sporting white post holiday but in the cold weather!  Shocked, I immediately I knew I had to share this.  I might be stylish but I NEVER would have thought about pairing white denim in these colder months with a great knit.  I am not that smart.  This is one of the reasons I love fashion blogs, you can see soemthing that you never would have done and see what it looks like before you try it.

Since I will not be purcahsing white denim anytime soon, I encourage anyone who has those white jeans put away for 'the winter' that you take them out of their container or from the back of the closet and totally try this look before you need to wear you double lined feather down puffer jacket!

Thanks for the inspiration!



This giveaway garnered some great response and I was flattered that so many of you entered.  Congrats to the two winners below.  Meaghan from {ExLibrisJournals} will contact you to send you your bag!!!  Thanks to Meaghan for this giveaway!  Make sure you all go to her {Etsy} shop and scoop some some great items to give as gifts and for yourself!!!

Just want to mention things I am adoring this morning:

Starbucks red cups are now being poured into
The hope that next week there will be sun
Tomorrow's annual winery tour weekend
My skating team doing some great work this week
and most of all, there are only 9 more Mondays this year!!!..lol


 Winner of the BOWTIES is Brayden Robert!!!!!
Winner of the LOUIS tote is Christina Riley!!!!!



You can barely make it out on Monday's {post} but this is what my nails looked like!!  Awesome eh!  Now, one hand was much better done than the other but the affect remained the same!  I kept showing my nails off all night and stating how simple it was!

I got the idea from one of my favorite sites {HonestlyWTF} who did the tutorial for 'drippy nails' a week before Halloween.  Now, I did take lots of step by step pictures, but my cuticles are so bad the pictures I just cannot bring myself to post them! lol  Please head over to their site {here} and check out how simple it is!  I think I will do it again in purple or gold for New Years Eve, cause the effect is super wicked!