Just Because...

First and foremost... HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

On Wednesday the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show was taped; it will air on Dec 4th on CBS.  I will be TOTALLY watching this show, it is very empowering, perhaps I should have a VS girls party?!  That afternoon the blog world and twitter world was flooded with backstage shots, and an hour after the show the runway pictures were glossy and all over the inter-web.  I am a woman that can appreciate the hard work they put in to getting their body's angel worthy.  Case in point, one angel had a baby two month previous!  You can mark my words, she worked her petunia off to be ready to strut in not much more then pasties and dental floss!  lol  Here is the final shot of the entire show.  ahhh girl crush! lol

One of the interesting things to hit the web that afternoon was this picture of super model Karlie Kloss in a bob!  She had just chopped off all her hair and was sporting some super short locks.  I thought to myself, don't all angels have long locks?  How will this work?? 


And then VOILA, they put in extensions!!  And in this shot I was reminded, they might work hard for their bodies but someone is also working just as hard on their hair!  Which then made me have a grumpy moment that I don't have someone making my hair look this good just anytime I want.  

 I am in NO WAY jealous that I am not an 'angel' but I will tell you, I will keep up my strutting in my daily life cause at the end of the day this "Carlie has a secret" too.... I ROCK... just in more clothes ;)

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