Special Edition of GRIPE Wednesday today because it is the 29th of February, LEAP DAY!

I was telling a young sales clerk last night the reason for GRIPES is to say "Just because they sell it doesn't mean you should buy it."  I have shown another unitard via {ASOS} {here} for another GRIPE, and low and behold they did it again!  This time in TYE-DYE!  How did the world get so lucky?! lol

Please ladies, just because it is available to buy, don't do it.  This is not a look you WANT to wear or SHOULD wear! hahaha  And don't even get me started on why the model is wearing those shoes with this unitard?!  It would have been better in a nude-er sandal.

Oh well, I don't run the world yet!



Event Clothing - Vanity Fair

Had enough OSCAR yet?! Me, NEVER..lol

Unless you frequent the blogs you might not have seen the fashions from the hottest post OSCAR bash, the VANITY FAIR party!  If you are 'someone' you are there!  And just as important as the red carpet fashions are the 'green' carpet styles are just as top notch.  Celebs that attended the actual show switch outfits just because they can!

Here are the pictures of the lovely, gorgeous ladies in their dresses!

Amy Adams in this almost liquid silver dress.  It screams vixen, a perfect party dress.

Cameron Diaz went from nude on the red carpet to this very much on trend tangerine stunner.  What you don't see in this picture is a long zipper right to the bottom on the back.  Details make everything sweeter.

Claire Danes made a statement of pretty in pink!

Diane Kreuger was wow in a red dress with a slight lingerie feel with the bandeau.

 Julie Bowen on the tangerine tango train too.  The draping of the skirt made this halter dress have 70's almost Grecian feel to it.  Thought the matching shoes was a but much, think gold would have been better.

January Jones in a foliage inspired dress.  As much as I don't like it, I kinda do.  At least she took a chance!

Emma Stone changed from a red dress to this semi sheer peplum dress.  Loved the young and modern feel to it.  She killed it at both events!

Elizabeth Olson in this great satin tee and skirt combo.  Like above, wearing a sheer peplum layered frock.

This dress hands down was my favourite!  Elizabeth Banks knocked it out of the park in this dress!

Jennifer Lopez changed into another deep-V dress.  I liked this maroon one better then she wore to the OSCARS.

Jennifer Westfeld knew how to accent the green carpert in purple velvet! Great choice with her blonde hair, classic and sophisticated, perfect!

Kate Beckinsale took a chance in the abstract cut-out dress.  Although I am not the biggest fan on the dress, she made it look damn good!..lol

Kate Hudson fringed right out!  Still can't believe she just had a kid!!  I thought the hair down was the perfect styling for this very busy dress, balanced it completely.

Kate Bosworth had so much going on with this dress, short, beading, sheer cutouts, a belt; yet it totally worked.  Plus I think NAVY in such an in colour right now it was a great choice.

Nude Perfection is what Olivia Munn was.  Dipped in gold, WOW, although the dress looks like it should be ironed no?!

The Williams sisters were a breathe of fresh fashion air in their bright dresses!  Great choice for these athletes.  The dresses were fun and showed off their amazing arms!

Lily Collins looked her age and yet ageless in this amazing baby blue lace print.  She is very much coming into her fashion own, and this dress puts her on the fashion map perfectly.

Katie Holmes in navy was a great choice.  Looked great with her hair.  Thought the dress was simple and elegant.  Wasn't 100% with the white clutch thought a pop of colour would have been better.

Olivia Wilde's dress was great.  Just think we could have chosen a better necklace or some earrings.  Fell short in the styling.

Zoe Saldana in this black satin outfit was nice.  A trend we are seeing are these brooches on the hips even Angelina had on her hip that night too.  Start getting out those brooches ladies!

Paula Patton is pregnant, for real!  You wouldn't even know. Think the dress is fun and flirty, no major WOW factor to it.

Rosie Hunting-Whiteley in a red column.  Need I say more, tall drink of red water!  On the arm of her actor boyfriend she was the accessory! lol

Sofia Vergara never makes a mistake!  Loved the stacked bangles and the teal snake print bag.  What a great way to accent a white dress.

Like Ms. Angelina Jolie, Ms. Posh Spice Victoria can work a dress!  Simple and easy, a touch of leather, she was for sure effortless.  And a great dinner ring to boot!


Event Clothing - OSCARS...

Second to my birthday and maybe Christmas, OSCAR Night is my favourite night of the year!  It is a day when I get lost in everything that it is about, the fashion, the awards, the people, the ESSENCE of Hollywood.  Since I was little the OSCARS to me was always a highlight!

Since this is a fashion blog I want to of course run down all the red carpet fashions!!  I was slightly disappointed this year that there was not a lot fashion risks, no major drama dresses, something about the night that I thought needed more DRAMA.  But overall a great night for fashion!

Trends that were seen in full affect were: column dresses, peplums, nude/white/blush colours, small vintage necklaces, texture texture texture on dresses, cuff bracelets and side swept hair!

TOP looks of the night go to, Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie.

* Something to take note of is that all of my TOP looks these ladies had MINIMAL looks, almost no jewellery on.  They let just the dresses speak.  Kudos to their stylists for not going OVER the top when they easily could have.  That old expression, less is more ladies.

I think great dresses that got over looked because the ladies were HOSTING the red carpet coverage, Giuliana Ranic and Louise Roe.

On a night full of glitz and glamour why not go for FULL out sequins!

Although I don't think ANYONE made worst dress list, my least favourable looks were from Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez.  I know J.Lo is on the top of many lists for best dressed however I just was not feeling it at all.

And now for all the other looks that were stunning!

Cameron Diaz, effortless.  Note the texture and the necklace.

Kristin Wig, California chic.  Texture and cuffed bracelet, although I think adding a second cuff would have added more pop.

Maya Rudolph, berry-licious plum.  Side swept hair.

Melissa McCarthy, va va voom!  Nude/blush tones.

Milla Jovovich, model stare at a max!  First to grace the carpet and set the bar SUPER high.

Natalie Portman, sweet in dots!  Not many people can wear dots at the OSCARS but it works.

Octavia Spencer, rocking this neutral off white sparkler.

Rooney Mara, stark and stunning! Very Modern and cutting edge, literally, look at those bangs!

Sandra Bullock, statuesque!  Making white, black and gold a winning combination!

Michelle Williams, a vision in coral!  Talk about trends all in one, peplum, texture and a small vintage necklace, it is everything beautiful wrapped up in a little bow.  The bow is even on her hip!

Shaleine Woodly, young and fresh.  It was the cut outs on the torso that made this dress.

Tina Fey, effortless chic.  Made the peplum and a high bun the classiest look on the carpet.

Viola Davis, green with ENVY!  Only woman to wear a BRIGHT colour, hands down great choice.

Images via {PopSugar} & {JustJared}


Inspiration & Winter Fun...

I am heading away today for a weekend up a Blue Mountain, which is Ontario's big ski/chalet community.  It was modeled after Whistler, BC.
Since I am not a big skier I am going to do my best to enjoy all the time I spend on the mountain.  I also look forward to some girl chat, some plaid pj pants, and most of all, ANOTHER weekend away!

I collected some pictures that highlight my feelings going into this weekend..lol  I hope you have a great weekend with whatever you are up too!

What I am trying desperately NOT to look like on the mountain:

 What I am sure I will look like, simple and effortless like the Duchess. fingers crossed.

 Mentally what I wish I looked like under my ski coat while partying at the mountain..lol

Wishing this party was happening while I was at the mountain!

What my inner Fashion-Diva will be wearing while I attempt to ski all day!

What will really happen while I am away at the mountain, peaceful, amazing, relaxing good times with the girlfriends.

Images via, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6