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Second to my birthday and maybe Christmas, OSCAR Night is my favourite night of the year!  It is a day when I get lost in everything that it is about, the fashion, the awards, the people, the ESSENCE of Hollywood.  Since I was little the OSCARS to me was always a highlight!

Since this is a fashion blog I want to of course run down all the red carpet fashions!!  I was slightly disappointed this year that there was not a lot fashion risks, no major drama dresses, something about the night that I thought needed more DRAMA.  But overall a great night for fashion!

Trends that were seen in full affect were: column dresses, peplums, nude/white/blush colours, small vintage necklaces, texture texture texture on dresses, cuff bracelets and side swept hair!

TOP looks of the night go to, Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie.

* Something to take note of is that all of my TOP looks these ladies had MINIMAL looks, almost no jewellery on.  They let just the dresses speak.  Kudos to their stylists for not going OVER the top when they easily could have.  That old expression, less is more ladies.

I think great dresses that got over looked because the ladies were HOSTING the red carpet coverage, Giuliana Ranic and Louise Roe.

On a night full of glitz and glamour why not go for FULL out sequins!

Although I don't think ANYONE made worst dress list, my least favourable looks were from Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez.  I know J.Lo is on the top of many lists for best dressed however I just was not feeling it at all.

And now for all the other looks that were stunning!

Cameron Diaz, effortless.  Note the texture and the necklace.

Kristin Wig, California chic.  Texture and cuffed bracelet, although I think adding a second cuff would have added more pop.

Maya Rudolph, berry-licious plum.  Side swept hair.

Melissa McCarthy, va va voom!  Nude/blush tones.

Milla Jovovich, model stare at a max!  First to grace the carpet and set the bar SUPER high.

Natalie Portman, sweet in dots!  Not many people can wear dots at the OSCARS but it works.

Octavia Spencer, rocking this neutral off white sparkler.

Rooney Mara, stark and stunning! Very Modern and cutting edge, literally, look at those bangs!

Sandra Bullock, statuesque!  Making white, black and gold a winning combination!

Michelle Williams, a vision in coral!  Talk about trends all in one, peplum, texture and a small vintage necklace, it is everything beautiful wrapped up in a little bow.  The bow is even on her hip!

Shaleine Woodly, young and fresh.  It was the cut outs on the torso that made this dress.

Tina Fey, effortless chic.  Made the peplum and a high bun the classiest look on the carpet.

Viola Davis, green with ENVY!  Only woman to wear a BRIGHT colour, hands down great choice.

Images via {PopSugar} & {JustJared}

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