This week my little sister moved into her first 'big girl' home.  I am so happy and couldn't be more thrilled for her and her man for buying their first condo.  It is a loft style place and being that it is small she has zero closet space!  When I saw if for the first time I said "where do the shoes go?!"  With the thoughts of her mini closet reno on it is way, when {ApartmentTherapy} showcased this closet the other day on their site and I swooned with excitement.  I think I will be adding this closet to the file of  'dream closets' I have started.  Not to mention, if all those Orange boxes are {Hermes} boxes I want those, and also it appears to have cashmere sweaters in every colour, I will take those too!



How old do you have to be to wear this particular play suit? 5 years old? Or is that to old?
What respectable woman in her 20-30's would wear this minimal outfit?  lol 
I love a great play suit, trust me, however this barely there, barely covered 'bits', deep v-neck, denim on denim outfit should be a no go!
Really!  Do they event make them this teeny-tiny for toddlers!? lol
Maybe for a night club? no.  Maybe a summer BBQ with your mother-in-law? no.  Park play date? no. 
Where would this outfit be acceptable? lol

Happy Wednesday GRIPE!!!




Since it is Tuesday and I wish it was the weekend (lots of things happening) I will have to settle for some clothing inspiration to get me thru.  Not to mention it is freezing cold outside and after last weeks extremely warm weather, Spring and Summer feels as far away as winter actually is.

Here are some of my favorite Spring looks from {ZARA} that I am currently coveting.  Totally going to find pieces and style outfits around these inspirations.

What is inspiring you this Tuesday?  Tweet me or Facebook me!  Just click on the hangers!

The look I adore the most is the chiffon skirt with the chunky knit.  
What a great mix of materials that totally works!



Well a weekend has come and gone and so has the hot weather.
Yesterday I was in Toronto to walk around and enjoy all the people watching.  Weather was gorgeous especially down on the lake front.
Here is what I wore!


Wearing New Look denim cropped jacket | Torrid playsuit | Payless sandals |
Forever21 necklace/sunglasses



So I am not sure about your week but mine has been going slower then molasses!  Not to mention for the past three days I have been on a juice cleanse by {TotalCleanse}, I can't wait to eat food this weekend! lol  Although I feel completly restored and lighter there is just something about wanting to CHEW again!..lol

With all this said, this week while browsing the web I saw some images that I loved!  And I wanted to share them with you and hopefully they inspire you!

Have a great weekend!

Makes me want to cut my hair short and choppy again!

I want to have a smile this big every time I do something!  Her energy is contagious!

Urges me to keep on my quest to find the 'perfect' boyfriend jean.

Proves the simplest of pieces in your closet can make the chic-est errand outfit.

Having the courage to be as daring as Drew to wear coloured denim as effortlessly as she does.

Oh Summer fun, you might be around the corner but please come faster!
(Now if only my parties included Leo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson and 
Naomi Campbell, look in the pic to see them.)

Wanting to make and effort to look this chic when I go to the market in the summer and pick up flowers.  
Also makes me want to cut my bangs again!..lol

This outfit makes me want to keep shopping for the perfect wedding guest dress. 
Blush/nudes are so trendy yet so easy to wear them.

Images via {PopSugar}, {ImNotObsessed}, {JustJared}



While at {TorontoFashionWeek} the attendees as I mentioned had some of the best style I had seen.  While at a show I couldn't help but notice this blonde across the runway.  I was taken back by her double dot printed outfit at first.  I would never have thought to have paired a polka dot top with polka dot pants, this is why I love going to fashion events, the pure inspiration you can get for your own wardrobe!

Now I tried via {Twitter} to find out who she was so I could tell her I loved her outfit but that came up empty.  I was however able to source the pants as {HM} but the top I am not sure.

Let this show that we should be inspired by everyone around us!  And when in doubt, double up the dots! lol



Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, and even if you are not Irish (I am!) you got out and celebrate.  We had AMAZING weather here so everyone was out in tanks and short shorts.  Angela and I headed to a patio for the afternoon and then hit up a couple parties.
Having one of the best afternoons of the Spring I am sure to have.
This was my outfit, my version of a sophisticated Happy Irish!... lol CHEERS!


Wearing Torrid jeans & tank | Old Navy cardigan | Havaianas flip flops |
Forever21 handbag & sunglasses | Vivah necklace



While at {Toronto Fashion Week} you cannot help but notice all the fashions OFF the runways.  Street Style Photographers were out in full force.  Here are a couple trends I noticed while I was there on Day 3.

Everything chiffon!  Many women paired chunk {Jeffery Campbell} boots with maxi chiffon skirts

This neon bag was EVERYWHERE. Very much the 'it' bag I noticed. Structure and colour were key!

The over the shoulder wearing of the blazer and jacket was most definitely a trend.  Since the weather can be anything this time of year, this is one trend I think we can all get behind.

I mean BLACK never goes out of style, and it was being showcased in ABUNDANCE.  What also was in abundance, liquid leggings!  Leather, faux-leather, a lot of ladies had them on.  Seems that this 2011 trend is not going anywhere fast, so if you didn't get them last year, get them for 2012.

COLOUR, COLOUR, COLOUR.  That was one thing that the day was not without.  Ladies pairing every colour under the sun together like this girl. 
 Don't be shy, pile on those brights ladies, you cannot go wrong!

Photos via {FLARE} {FASHION} {SweetSpot}



Wednesday I headed to Toronto for {Toronto Fashion Week} for an entire day of shows.  My love of fashion is so deep I was willing to sit anywhere and be amongst the fashion bubble.  My reviews of the shows and trends I saw will come on Monday/Tuesday but today I wanted to show you what I wore.  I tried to stay simple but added in the floral and neon trend for some pizazz.  My only complaint, this jacket was great for day but didn't translate well into 9pm; over site on styling on my part.

Enjoy your weekend and happy early ST. PATRICK'S DAY to all my Irish pals out there!

Wearing Torrid Jeans | Michael Kors heels | Macys Blazer | Old Navy tank | Aldo bracelet & watch | 
Lauren Elan 'bella' bracelet | Forver21 bag/ring/sunglasses



Fresh breeze in the air, warm sun on your face, ahhh.  This is how everyday should be. 
This is what I wore one day to the office in hopes of enjoying the outside while on the inside.

Wearing Old Navy dress | Aldo sunglasses | Forever21 earrings |
 Calvin Klein shoes | H&M bag | Lane Bryant blazer

yes it was a little windy that day!



Valentine's Day LURVE!

Valentine's Day LURVE!

Today marks one month post Valentine's Day and as most people stop thinking about making the effort to wear red.  Reds, pinks, corals and peaches are just heating up stores now with Spring on the fast approach.

Just because the holiday of LOVE has passed do not pass up wearing bright reds and pinks in your daily life.  The famous movie quote does say, "PAINT THEM RED."
Click on all the image above to see wear to buy everything I featured.


Spring Fling...

In the fall of 2008 I went to my first TORONTO FASHION WEEK.  My sister and I had a great experience and tomorrow I finally get to go again.  Now called, World Master Card Fashion Week, it is a HUGE event, and by the looks of all the Twitter pictures being published the event is easily 5x times the size of the year I went.

Tomorrow I will sit in my General Admission seat and watch 5x shows and enjoy every single second of it.  As a lover of all things fashion it is a perfect way to celebrate Spring (with the fall/winter clothes they will be showing).

Here are a couple pictures from 2008.  I wanted to show you these so when I post the 2012 shots you can see how it has grown!


And here is a snap shot of my new blazer that I cannot wait to wear tomorrow!



Morning, I am dying from the time change we had here yesterday.  I would personally like to ask someone for that hour back, I cannot wait till October to get it back.  It was so dark getting ready this morning my outfit completely reflects it; I am wearing grey and black.  So why not make today's post BRIGHT and Spring-y to help me/you/us adjust!

Keeping in the line with last week's green jeans, {Boston Common Magazine} has a spread with actress Mena Suvari with a bright GREEN bush background.  I am a big fan of bright primary colours, effortless styling and of course chic separates, all of which this spread has.  With looks like this you cannot help but await spring with open arms!


Just Because...

I had a lovely post all ready to go for today about bright colours, spring time and bunny rabbits (no bunnies that was a joke).  But yesterday afternoon my mother and I decided to drop everything and head to Buffalo to go shopping.  And we did, for 6 hours straight!!!  Shopping is a sport I don't care what anyone says.  Today my muscles are sore, feet hurt, I am super tired, and I would like to think if I could run a marathon this is what the next day would feel like...lol  So in my head I did a retail marathon and let me tell you I got TONS of stuff! Lots and lots of good finds and so many good pieces I cannot wait to share on the blog!  Wait till you see the jacket I am going to wear to fashion week next Wednesday.

In the mean time, today I will relish that it is Friday and tomorrow I can sleep in and put away all my good finds.  I will leave you with some images of exactly how I felt come midnight last night when I finally laid my head to rest!

Enjoy your weekend!

Images via 1, 2, 3



Floral Blazer #1
Floral Blazer #2Floral Blazer #3 
Floral blazers are one of the MUST HAVE items this Spring.  They seem to be popping up everywhere.  Not to mention FLORALS on a whole are the 'it' item.  I styled three different looks on how to incorporate this BOLD statement blazer into your wardrobe for Spring Summer.

Look 1: This is how I would do a floral blazer for night time.  Very night out for cocktails or even a Spring wedding reception.

Look 2: The weekend uniform look.  Totally see this blazer at the farmers market, lunch with friends, running around or even as simple as a cafe visit.

Look 3: Again is a weekend uniform look but on a much more casual scale, with the gladiator sandals, ponytail hair and of course the straw bag to carry all your essentials.

Hope you feel inspired by this trend and are not afraid to add this power piece into your closet, cause as I have shown you, it fits in seamlessly!




I love track pants.  I love yoga pants.  I love cotton.  I love polka dots.  I love sweatshirts.

These are things I have no problem with wearing in public. 
However I would not combine them and wear them in public together.

{ASOS} has {this} sweatsuit for sale.

Today's GRIPE is simple; Too many good things all rolled into one, spells GRIPE.  I wonder how relaxed or drunk I would have to be to wear these trackers to the grocery store??  hmmm, something to ponder I suppose, in the mean time Happy GRIPE Wednesday!



I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of {Duchess&Duchess} at a fashion show last fall.  The sisters, Ines and Nina at the time were starting up their underwear company for girls with curves.  I knew they would have a smashing success on their hands since finding great underwear is a important key element to any women's closet regardless of shape or size.

{Duchees&Duchess} has designed two types as of right now, a thong and a hipster brief.  The motto on their website reads, 
"Welcome to Duchess & Duchess!  We are a new line of simple, sexy, high quality underwear designed exclusively with the curvy girl in mind - no granny panties here!
Do you covet comfortable and pretty panties that flatter your curves? Search no more. Duchess & Duchess is the only name you need to remember. We’re dedicated to bringing you the perfect flirty undies that will fit you like heaven and hug you in all the right ways.
Using only the highest quality materials, we do panties and thongs sizes 1X-3X.
Simply put… We give you UNDIES THAT LOVE YOUR CURVES!"

The ladies sent me over a couple pairs of the hipster brief for me to try and review.  The material was amazing against the skin, I totally felt like I had nothing on all day at the office.  The cut was great, not to high not to low, and the elastic band didn't 'cut' in at all like I thought they might.  My only issue would be I wish the cotton had more Lycra or spandex in it.  Since I have a flat butt I didn't really fill out the butt space so a tighter material would have helped me out.

I would highly recommend you check out their undies, and at a reasonable prices WHY NOT!

Here are a few pictures from their website, cause well, I didn't have the courage to post me in my undies!

Ines and Nina, congrats on the launch of your company, thank you for allowing me to try out your product, and most of all, much success and love in all your future endeavors.