Ah Monday... a day to not only reflect on the weekend of fun that just passed but a day to reflect on all the things to come in the new week. and boy oh boy do I have a lot of both!  More posts on that to come.

Since it is Monday lets start off with some inspiration!  This picture comes from a new blog I found {TheFreshExchange} and it has TONS of encouragement.

Sit back everyone, buckle up and enjoy your coming week!



Weeks ago I was sent this UNIQUE and awesome bracelet from Chelsea of the {Etsy} shop {Little Amaryllis}
 I think this bracelet is the perfect way to literally wear your emotions on your sleeve
but in this case your wrist.  High Five, then flip it, Low Five! 
Chelsea describes her brand and unique goods as "handmade cute and sassy" and she is totally right!  Check out her Etsy shop {here} to buy yourself something sassy or something cute for a friend.

High Five Chelsea!



Today begins the last year of my twenties. WOW, where has the time gone.  A new year calls for a new attitude, a fresh start, and going out of my 29th year with a bang!  I look so forward to what this coming year has in store and in the meantime, bring on the cake! lol

 Now onto the WEDNESDAY GRIPE!!!!

Recently I tried a pair of liquid leggings, well let me tell you, I consider my legs one of my better assets but in liquid leggings they became my worst! lol  It was like wrapping tree trunks in garbage bags!  So back to the store they went.  So imagine my surprise when {Cindy} found these gold lame liquid leggings!  I thought, my god, GRIPE!!  Liquid leggings are hard to pull of people, and those that do, thumbs up.  However in gold, hold yourself back from this purchase.  Perhaps a bachelorette weekend in Atlantic City these would fly.  UGH, just cause they sell it people doesn't mean you should buy it!





It is snowing today in April, I am not shocked by this as it has snowed during my birthday week before.
But for those of you that are in shock by this winter wonderland why not also be shocked by this hair clip I found on {ShopBop}. lol

Necessary? Stupid? Kitschy? Loveable?  Would you wear this over sized contour clip? It does come in other colours too!  I am 50/50 on this clip; believe it is a love hate relationship item. lol.  Discuss.



Sometimes it is the small things on a shelf that can impact your day.

Hope you all had a great weekend, cheers to a new week and all the fun things it entails!



This past weekend I had bridal shower to attend.  Decided to wear a great pop of colour since it is Spring after all!  Sadly it was pouring outside and the sandals I wanted to wear I couldn't and then this photo shoot came inside.  My apologies.  A detail on this dress that you can barely see cause of the statement necklace is the lazer cut out on the neckline of this dress.  All about the little details.
This is WHAT I WORE!

PS.  Enjoy your weekend!

Wearing Forever21 dress & wingtips | Aldo necklace & ring | Torrid blazer


Just Because...

Not feeling the greatest today.  Lucky me.  No post today, sorry everyone.  Back tomorrow with a WIW post.

Enjoy your Thursday.



I haven't come across a GRIPE in a couple weeks that I found 'blog worthy'.  I will take this as a testament that there are a lot of nice clothes out there right now, or at least I should say very versatile pieces.
So instead I decided to show you this awesome {TopShop} jumper that I found!  I can see it being worn by lots of people!  It screams 'wear me to a party' and I would do just that.  The thing I will GRIPE about today is finding pieces like this that are awesome and I want desperately but cannot buy because I can not justify them because I have no where it wear it.  le sigh.  Someone please have a fabulous party where I can wear an entire sequined outfit please, my inner diva needs to SHINE!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Event Clothing...

The amazing desert concert known as Coachella has finished its first weekend.  It will go again this weekend, and again I will not be there :(  This concert is on my bucket list along with a few other festivals.  Last week I talked about some outfits I think should be worn not only to Coachella but to Summer concerts you can see those {here}.  Not all the pictures of the amazing clothes worn at the event have graced the interweb just yet but here are some outfits worn by the celebs at the festival.
It is an event to embrace your inner hippy, let loose, and of course, ANYTHING GOES.


This look worn by Jessica Shorz is my favourite.  Ripped denim, Chambray shirt, Aztec sweater and a hat and au- natural makeup, cross shoulder bag and Chelsea boots.  A+

Images via {JustJared}



So I am not sure how you feel about this morning but to me it is dreadful.  Horrible sleep last night and I am not sure if there is enough coffee to keep me awake.  Not to mention the weather is dreary and rainy.  Just my Monday luck eh!  To make an effort I did wear {this} Michael Kors sweater today in hopes that the sequins sparkling out of the corner of my eye would keep me happy.... Results to come later!

Because of this 'meh' of a day, it is time for some street style INSPIRATION!  Here are some of my favourite looks from the past couple weeks.

"Rain, Rain, Go Away, and take the Monday blahs when you go", my new song/anthem! lol





Just Because...

I bought this print at {Urban Outfitters} a couple weeks back.  I am just awaiting having it framed soon.
So as the print says, I am running away this weekend to Kingsville to hang out with the best friend {Cindy} and heading over to Detroit to do some shopping and visit our other friend Ayaz.

I know we will have lots of laughs and some much needed best friend time before she heads back to the UK for her final semester of school.  Oh July come sooner rather then later. (she graduates then)

Enjoy your weekend while doing whatever your little heart desires.

 {Urban Outfitters}



The Tweet that spread faster than wild fire around the fashion world yesterday afternoon:

@Jeanne_Beker "So surreal. This dream is over: After 27 glorious years, FT production ceased today. So sad to see some of my closest colleagues move on."

Later confirmed by CTV News that Bell Media has cancelled the long time running institution known as {Fashion Television} the fashion world was shocked and I for one was floored!

{Fashion Television} was a show that defined the way I perceive clothes and fashion.  At a young age I knew who designers were, what trends were happening and all because of Jeanne Beker and {Fashion Television} were on the air and in my living room.  When I first wanted a career in the television world I had an interview at Fashion Television to become an intern.  I was offered the position and I turned it down for another opportunity;  I look back at that as possibly the biggest career mistakes I have had.

I am deeply sadden to see this cornerstone of not only Canadian television but a show that pioneered the way the public sees fashion end.  However, I am beyond intrigued to watch what the effortless and graceful Jeanne Beker will do in the coming years, because I know it will be AMAZING!

It is the end of an era.  A very fashionable era.

Here are a few images of Jeanne Beker at work over the years.

 at the launch of FT in 1985

 in 1990 with a younger Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs

 with the divine Tom Ford in 2004

Images via {TorontoLife}




Coachella is coming up this weekend in California, and I like to think of it as the un-offical launch of Summer concerts.  While I have never had the opportunity to go, I do relish in the pictures that flood the internet of what people wore.
The above are some outfits I selected that I would wear to a desert concert series such as Coachella, but I also think these outfits are perfect for concerts up here in Ontario this Summer too.  The best blend is always, comfort, meets bohemian meets trendy; mix all those and you can never go wrong.


Click on the images to see wear to buy the pieces.


Trend Highlight...

The BRA TOP.  The new Summer trend.  The new Summer trend my ta-ta's can never wear!..lol

While this look is not for the large busted it is seemingly making its rounds in all the top stores.  When I first saw them I thought GRIPE?! Then as some starts started to wear them I rethought it and now support it if styled properly.  Below are some looks I found wear the BRA TOP really looks great!

Will you be wearing a BRA TOP this Summer?  Totally see it as a major outfit look for concerts and afternoon patios.  Check {ASOS} for some reasonably priced tops.

Selena Gomez in a cocktail inspired look.  The sequin skirt adds a 'night time'/going out feel to the Bra.

Katy Perry in more of a sports bra top.  Fun outfit for sure!  
Although not everyone can wear the MINI of a skirt and a bra top.  

Cheryl Cole wearing what I think is a stellar Summer look!  
The Harem pants, the neon bra and a tuxedo blazer.  This outfit is classy but trendy.

Shenae Grimes wearing the ideal in my opinion concert look.  Again with the harem pants, but adding that denim jacket makes this outfit totally approachable and sexy-casual.

 Miley Cyrus doing a very sexy look.  Long to the floor maxi skirt and a long line bra top is  sophisticated but walks a very fine line to trashy.  Not sure if I would wear this to your best friends wedding..lol



Hope all of you had a great long weekend, I know I sure did.

The weather might have been a little chilly due to wind but with that sun shining brightly I decided to 'dress' for errands on Saturday.  I wore this new chiffon maxi from {Forever21} that I am absolutely in love with and can see wearing a TON this summer.  All the colours in this outfit put a smile on my face.  Don't you just love when an online purchase is perfect addition into your closet.

Enjoy Monday everyone, only 3 more this month! :)

Wearing Forever21 maxi dress and sunglasses | Old Navy Cardigan | Aldo necklace | HM satchel



Pastel Dresses
Pastel DressesPastel Jeans
Pastel Jeans
Pastel Tops
Pastel Tops
Pastel Shoes
Pastel Shoes
Pastal Bags 
Pastel Bags

Ahhhh, the Easter Long Weekend is upon us here in Canada, and with a long relaxing stretch of weekend I couldn't be more happy! 

Easter marks the start of spring and the onset of PASTEL everything in stores!  As I am not one that owns many pastel colours (find they don't go so well with my skin tone) I couldn't help but showcase some of the many pieces that are out there now to purchase.  Either it is a dress, jeans, an accent of pastel with a bag or shoes, a very trendy piece this Spring is to have something pastel on.  Click on the clothes to see where to buy the piece.

Try not to turn your nose up to the light coloured frocks, and pastel coloured candies too.  They will help usher in Spring faster I think! lol  

My personal favourite, anything in MINT GREEN!




I support the feather earring trend, and by the looks in stores and on fashionistas it is not going away anytime soon.  However, I do not support the wearing of feather earrings when they can touch your midsection!   While shopping I saw this window display at {Bebe} and I was like 'GRIPE'!  If you want to wear feathers around your bellybutton or your belt get the extension put in your hair.  Dragging your earlobes down this far is not a good look. 
This is a prime example of a trend gone TOO FAR.  Happy GRIPE!



I felt like this Tuesday we could all use a little inspiration.

Inspiration to keep attaining those goals we set to accomplish way back in January.
Inspiration to make it thru this short work week and enjoy the long weekend.
Inspiration to remember to be the best we can be each and every day.
Inspiration to get out and jog/walk and enjoy the sunshine.
Inspiration to enjoy and embrace those around you.
Just be.  Just be inspired.