I support the feather earring trend, and by the looks in stores and on fashionistas it is not going away anytime soon.  However, I do not support the wearing of feather earrings when they can touch your midsection!   While shopping I saw this window display at {Bebe} and I was like 'GRIPE'!  If you want to wear feathers around your bellybutton or your belt get the extension put in your hair.  Dragging your earlobes down this far is not a good look. 
This is a prime example of a trend gone TOO FAR.  Happy GRIPE!


  1. So, you probably won't want to be my friend in your closet anymore after I say this but... I actually don't mind those :|

  2. HAHAHA not at all! Not everyone always agrees with GRIPES and that's ok! They are selling them and people will buy them! Stay in my closet, it's fuN! hahaha

  3. I would have to agree with Carlie - Bit much!