Styling, Hollywood Tourist...

Long Car Rides...

Hollywood Sightseeing...

Chateau Marmont Dinner and Drinks...

A friend told me she was heading into LA/Hollywood and asked for some styling suggestions!  Here are a few looks I put together for her to get her packing JUMPING off!

First outfit is for the car rides between cities... I suggest something classic, since you never know where you might stop to eat lunch!  A classic linen pant, a comfy tee and a jacket for the convertible top down, and some simple jewellery cause car rides don't have to be fancy!

Second, the day to day tourist outfit... I suggest since it is still Summer, a great short and linen top cause it will get super hot walking around all day.  Some comfy gladiator sandals, a watch to keep your touring on time and a hat of course to be extra cool!

Thirdly, a cocktail dinner and drinks look... She I suggest a great sexy cocktail dress, either go super bright for Summer or a class LBD are both great options.  You need a great heel, I would suggest to pack the roll-up flats in your clutch cause every girl knows, 6inch heels are hard to walk around in all night; plus after a night of dancing, those tootsies will be sore!  Adding some great jewellery she will be all set for a Hollywood night on the town!

Marliese, I hope you have a great vacation, enjoy all the sights, and if you run into Johnny Depp, tell him I say hello!..lol

For the rest of us, HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!!!!



Last Thursday {post} was all about the trendy backpack and how not only students can wear it; today's post is taking a traditional school/office item and how {Gorjana-Griffin} made it super stylish.  The paperclip!

Going with yesterday's theme that jewellery can be art, so can a paperclip!  In rose gold or yellow gold, this cuff, earrings and necklace would be a perfect gift for a teacher or student in your life.  Or, if you just happen to love kitschy jewellery how great are these pieces!

After recently purchasing items from them and sadly having to return one, I would give them an A+ for an online retailer and I totally recommend them.   Already putting in my next order with them. 
Make sure you to add some of their great pieces to jewellery box!



A personal dream that frankly I don't even know if I have ever even told one person, so why not announce to the world my inner most dream?!  What else are blogs for!! hahaha

I have always wanted to make a sculpture.

A big, stand along in a park, rub for good luck, tourist photo taking sculpture.  How this internal dream came about I have no idea, how to execute it, no idea, will I ever actually complete it, no idea!

But while I was on one my daily blogroll, {HonestlyWTF} showcased these sculptures by Belgian designer and artist {Liesbet Bussche}, and my immediate reaction, "why didn't I think of that!".  I love when creative people come up with something so original but so simple that it makes an impact.  Take a look at some of the pieces from this collection below, and for more click on the link below all of them.  My personal favourite, the pair of stud earrings, simplicity defined.

Images {HonestlyWTF}



Today is all about continuing the goodness and inspiration from yesterday's post.  Street fashion is a great way to voyeur and see how other people are wearing today's latest fashions.  Some times they are over the top, sometimes stunning, sometimes awful and most of all they give us all a little bit of inspiration I hope to try something outside our usual wardrobe box!

Be inspired people.  Be yourself.  Be whomever you want to be.



Monday Morning, the unofficial last week of summer and 'that' time of the month for all the street style pics!  What better way to start a new week!  I know some of you love this portion of my blog; it is a great way to recap the whole month and see what all the 'fashionable' people are wearing!
This month there were soo many great looks it was too much for one post, so tomorrow will be even more looks! So stay tuned!

Enjoy all the looks, the colours, the style, and as always BE INSPIRED!


Don't forget to leave a comment on which is your favourite look!