Today's GRIPE is brought to us by tinfoil.  lol

The bandage dress is an all important dress nowadays, everyone has one.  And most people rock it and look AMAZING in them.  However, this silver lame, tinfoil bandage dress is nothing but a GRIPE.  You can wear this dress to reflect the suns rays, you can wear it cook food on your stomach, and you can even wear it and I am sure you will be able to make contact with those on other planets.  But you cannot wear it and look good.  Some things should remain in a store and work their way down the markdown trail; Full price, sale, clearance and then just disappear, and this should be this dress' destiny!




Some times the easiest way to put a little pep in your wardrobe is to buy a funky new accessory.  Something fun and easy, and not to expensive.  I found these adorable clutches by famous interior designer {Jonathan Adler} who recently is making his way into the fashion business.

I think these clutches are a perfect little addition into your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Plus they are a great little conversation starter; I can see it now, "Does your handbag have a scooter on it? Well yes it does!" lol  My favourite is the speedo one!  I should admit I have a thing for men in speedos, weird I know.  But if they are fat, old and have a mullet I swoon with glee! hahaha  Something you all now know about me and can now mock me for but I won't care!

Which handbag is the one you would pick?!  Click on the link below to check out more angles of them too!



ahh Monday Mornings.... half nice, half boo-urns..lol

My weekend was filled with laughs, movies and wine and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Since it is Monday let's start this week with some INSPIRATION, fashion inspiration!  As always here are some of my favorite picks from the top street style blogs!

Enjoy this coming week!!!




TGIF!  Enough said! lol

Last week my monthly VOGUE came in the mail and this weekend I hope I get a chance to read it!  I think I am more excited for this VOGUE then I have been, mostly cause it features athletes!  As a former National Competitive Figure Skater and even now as I coach, I LOVE the Olympics and even dreamed as going as a little girl; So to combine my love of sport with my passion for fashion and I am BEYOND a happy girl.  You get to see the athletes doing their thing while model Karlie Kloss poses in the most amazing clothes, breath-taking.  For those who don't get VOGUE enjoy the Olympic spread below!  The only wah-wah, they are US athletes and not Canadian ones.  Boo-urns.

So while I try to find the time to read this magazine, I hope you find time to do all the thing you want/need to do as well a bunch of stuff that wasn't on the list!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!



I have had this post sitting in my draft pile for a few weeks, and I am not surprised that a TON of blogs have all been featuring 'mint green' this week.  As fast as 'tangerine tango' came into our lives, so has mint green.

Not only has it been showcased with this awesome styling by some top blogs, see how these ladies incorporated this pastel colour!

  But it has made its way into home decor.

And of course you know it is a full blown trend when uber-glam goddess Diane Kruger
wears it!  She wore a mint Giambattista Valli at Cannes this week. 

I mentioned {here} that pastels were going to be popular, so I suggest on your upcoming shopping trips you try and add some mint green! 



Towards the end of last week my mum surprised me with the exclusive {Holt Renfrew} {FEED} bag designed by {Tory Burch}.  Now you may ask what the heck is {FEED}; It is an organization started by Lauren Bush that aims to provide support to organizations that are working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world.  What a great cause!!!  I am in love with this bag and have been using it none stop since I got it.  It is the perfect size for magazines, books, water bottles, wallet, basically, it is the perfect carry-all.

Over the weekend I paired it with a simple little white dress from {Old Navy} and went grocery shopping.  It is so great that you can support a cause and look stylish while doing it.  I recommend everyone gets one, it is for a great cause after all.
Click {here} to orders yours online.  Thanks again for my wonderful new bag mum!

Wearing Old Navy dress | Holt Renfrew FEED bag | Aldo wedges | 
Forever 21 necklace & sunglasses | Duty Free watch


Summer Fun...

Well the first TRUE long weekend of the year has now come and gone.  May two-four, Victoria Day whatever you want to call it, I will say SUMMER IS HERE!!!  I now have a tan/burn to prove it! hahaha  As much as I did a LOT this weekend I feel like I did nothing at all.  Isn't that the sign of a good weekend though?  Spent it with friends, laughed for hours on end, relaxed in the shade and read a few magazines, and got back into Rowing, something I haven't done in years.

I cannot wait until the next long weekend, but I will just take another weekend of sunshine and good friends any time soon.

Here are a few of my cell phone pictures from the weekend.  I hope wherever you are you had a great weekend too!

 My hat and pint (one of many) @BakerStStation with Angela on Saturday

The 7:30am view of Guelph Lake.  About to hit that lake with the rowing club.  
It was an idealic morning.

Finally being able to sit on my veranda and read the BACKLOG of magazines I have to read.  So I started with a December issue.  They were right on many trends this issue predicted.  Dark lips, lots of chiffon and prints, prints prints!

While sitting with a few friends on Sunday at my house this was the above view from my lawn chair.  I mean really!  Look at that, ahhhhh, long weekends!


Event Clothing... Snow White Premiere

I want to say a couple things before I get to today's post!

1.  Happy Friday!  It is a long weekend up here in Canada and I cannot wait to relax and chill on a patio.  I hope where ever you are you enjoy yourself as well.
2.  Yesterday was a new HIGH for FimC.  I reached my highest blog viewership ever and I couldn't be more humbled.  I knew that sparkly necklace was a good gem!

On now to the post!

Every lady has the LBD in her closet, the little black dress.  It is a staple and yes from time to time you upgrade it or like me you have 10+ LBD's in your closet! hahaha  At the London Premiere of 'Snow White and the Seven Huntsmen' my girl crush Charlize Theron and Kristin Stewart took the idea of the little black dress to a new level.  These ladies looked stunning!!!  Aside from Charlize's little green earrings and bracelet the ladies let the dresses speak for themselves.  Proving that a black dress is an amazing investment into your closet.

Kristin is wearing Marchesa.

I heard on {Chelsea Lately} last night that she thinks Charlize is "walking sex", and look at those legs, hard not to agree!  Guess that is why she is my crush! hahaha  
Charlize is wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture.



I decided to jump on the denim vest bandwagon.  I was scared s**less to do since I wasn't sure it was me.  I happened to have this vest from a Halloween costume a few years back, never thought I would wear it post holiday.  So I dug it out paired it with the oh so hot STRIPED shirt and my new favourite accessory purchase from {Spike the Punch}.  Think the look went perfect with my backdrop!

Wearing Old Navy top & skirt | Spike the Punch necklace |
Forever 21 sunglasses | H&M bag | Havaianas flip flops

Had to show you how MUCH it sparkles!!!  Thank you sunshine!



Well well well, another body suit.  I know it must seem that all I do is GRIPE about unitards but this one takes the cake!  PUZZLE pieces, I mean Really!?  How would you EVER style this to make it work?  If you have some suggestions leave them in the comments section because I really am stumped.  Not only puzzle pieces but YELLOW, the Gripin' on this could go on for ages! lol

So let today's GRIPE be heard, the "Slash Back Unitard in SQUIGGLE PRINT" is a no go!  Click on the link to see the back of it, it just keeps getting better! :)

Happy Wednesday GRIPE everyone!




On weekends I try my hardest to get out of the yoga pants and make an effort to run errands in some what of a pulled together outfit.  This past Saturday I headed out to bottle wine and do a few errands and wanted to put a little spring in my step so I wore some TULIPS! hahaha  Kept it simple with just some decorative bangles and an espadrille.

Do you dress up for day during weekends?  If you answered no, you must try it this weekend, you become WAY more productive! lol


Wearing Old Navy dress | Aldo espadrille | H&M bag | Forever21 bangles & sunglasses