Summer Fun...

Well the first TRUE long weekend of the year has now come and gone.  May two-four, Victoria Day whatever you want to call it, I will say SUMMER IS HERE!!!  I now have a tan/burn to prove it! hahaha  As much as I did a LOT this weekend I feel like I did nothing at all.  Isn't that the sign of a good weekend though?  Spent it with friends, laughed for hours on end, relaxed in the shade and read a few magazines, and got back into Rowing, something I haven't done in years.

I cannot wait until the next long weekend, but I will just take another weekend of sunshine and good friends any time soon.

Here are a few of my cell phone pictures from the weekend.  I hope wherever you are you had a great weekend too!

 My hat and pint (one of many) @BakerStStation with Angela on Saturday

The 7:30am view of Guelph Lake.  About to hit that lake with the rowing club.  
It was an idealic morning.

Finally being able to sit on my veranda and read the BACKLOG of magazines I have to read.  So I started with a December issue.  They were right on many trends this issue predicted.  Dark lips, lots of chiffon and prints, prints prints!

While sitting with a few friends on Sunday at my house this was the above view from my lawn chair.  I mean really!  Look at that, ahhhhh, long weekends!

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