Ahhh, the long weekend is finally here!!  

Some people might be heading to amusement parks to have some fun in the sun with family and friends.  {Cindy} is going to {Thorpe Park} with her classmates since they finished their exams this week. YEAH!   With that said today's post is all about what I think makes for an ideal amusement park outfit, how to look stylish all while being practical!

A great walking short... because you will be walking A LOT

An easy breasy tank or tee... make it breathable and effortless cause no doubt, it will be HOT

A cross-body satchel... to keep all the daily things you will need.  Not to big that it gets heavy, but large enough to keep a bottle of water and sunscreen in it

Simple jewellery.... great shades, nothing over the top!  Last thing you want is your 2-foot length feather earring to get stuck on a gear of a roller-coaster.  Less is def more in this scenario

Lastly, a good leather sandal....or a chic stable shoe like a loafer or a boat shoe.  You will be walking ALL DAY so do not wear a flip flop or your feet will be killing you.  And why ruin a fun day out with foot pain!

Enjoy yourself this weekend no matter what your doing!  
To remind you, I will be trying to do {THIS} list all weekend!

Amusment Park



For one of my oldest friends Laura's Bachlortte party (talked about it HERE) this is what I wore!
I have had this lace maxi from {Forever21} in the closet for a wee bit of time since I was not sure where to where it.  It is on the sexier side since it is a floor length lace dress after all so figured a club night with the girls I could take it for a spin!

The only complaint was how long it was with the dirty club floor, that was one thing I did not think of in advance..lol  I loaded up on the jewellery and had a fun night out with the ladies!  Sorry for the mirror pictures,  I didn't want to bother any of the ladies since they were having a good time to pull them away to do a blogger-shoot.  So these will have to suffice!

Wearing Forever21 dress | Aldo ring | Blush Boutique bracelet | DIY flower corsage


Finds & Summer Fun...

It is Wednesday, mid week, and I can almost smell this up coming long weekend.  This weekend we will celebrate all things CANADIAN as July 1st (Sunday) is Canada Day. 

Here are ten things I will make sure get done this weekend:

1. Drink a Canadian beer or many Canadian beers

2. Wear as much Canadian inspired clothing I can

3. Try to find a beaver and shake his/her hand for such good national representation

4. Lie on a beach and forget that it will be snowing soon enough

5. I will at least once break out into song and sing the national anthem off tune

6. Eat poutine (if you do not know, it is THIS)

7. Watch fireworks

8. Be VERY thankful for this great land and the opportunities I have because I was born here

9. Send my American cousins a HAPPY CANADA DAY text

10. Laugh LOTS

Now for those of you not wearing a maple leaf across your chest or on the back of your super hero cape, here are a couple suggestions for you!

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!Canadian Pride...


Summer Fun...

Wedding season is in full swing, and when one of your oldest friends gets married you throw her the best last fling that you can!  This weekend was exactly that, it was also the reason for no post yesterday I was exhausted from all the fun we had!

The weekend took place in Niagara Falls and here is the night in the all PG rated photos I could post!

I look forward to Laura marrying the love of her life in a few short weeks and watching them have a successful marriage in all the years to come!

 The view from our hotel suite at the Hilton Hotel.  We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Welcoming Laura to her party!

'Girls Night Out' Skor cupcakes made by my sister

What is a party without a fully stocked bar.

 Filled the party room with lots of DIY flag banners.

 I DIY'd all the girls a wine glass not only to use but to keep as a token of the fun night!
The ladies and I started up the day of fun with high tea at the {Queen Charlotte Tea Room}.  It was most definitly a high light of the day.  We had great conversation and all got to know each other better.

 Some of the ladies getting ready for the night out!

Laura in her shirt that got A LOT more signatures on it before the end of the night!

Congrats again Laura.  I do hope you had a great time and I cannot wait until your wedding!
And to all the ladies, thanks for making it all that more fun!


Just Because...

Ahhh finally it is Friday.. I have had an insane week, almost double book each day.  Tonite heading into Toronto for my monthly dinner with my college friend.  Then tomorrow heading to an undisclosed location (in case she reads this) for my girlfriends bachlorette party!  Posts on that next week! 
And Sunday, SLEEP and relax.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy whatever floats your boat!



First, Hope  you had a great Summer Solstice!!!  It was hot hot hot!!  But a beautiful night none the less!

I love rompers.... I support the peplum trend... I love a great sexy leg... combine them all together and I am GRIPING!!!  This is a "knicker short with peplum" item for sale for $38 Cdn!  It looks like a BATHING SUIT!!!  Now I would admire the confidence for a woman to wear this don't get me wrong, but where would you wear this?!?!  At first I thought it was a retro bathing suit and then when I realized it was clothing I was SHOCKED.  And aren't knickers underwear to most peopel?!

Oh people, sigh and GRIPE with me!



Summer Fun...

Last night is what summer nights are supposed to be like.  Hot air, smiles, good beer and great friends.  My Tuesday night walk home was probably the best walk home for a summer night ever; I plucked some flowers (shhh..lol) and strolled home from an event and thought to myself, "in this moment I am having a love affair with my city".  I went to bed with a sense of summer joy that I haven't had in while.  For a Tuesday, I couldn't have asked for a better night!

Now to tell you how it all went down!

Our local artisan cafe/restaurant {Cornerstone} was host to {WellingtonBrewery} showcasing their lineup of five beers and local cheese shop {Ouderkirk&Taylor} paired cheese with their beers.  This was perfect for me since I am not a big fan of darker beers I got to expand my horizons and try new things, something I love doing.  And then as a lover of cheese it was perfect to try some amazing cheeses and also experience them with beer!  Something I have never thought to do or would have thought go together!  Jeff from {Ouderkirk&Taylor} and Bryan from {WellingtonBrewery} walked us thru each beer and cheese and I can say I came out learning lots!  Below are some pictures of the beer/cheese/and event to show you how it all looked!  I cannot wait to do it again next year!  I love when local shops get together and do these events, it is just another reason I love this city.  You mingle with people you might not otherwise have the chance to do, you try new things, and most of all you have a Tuesday night for the memory books that might have been spent at home otherwise.

Now since this is a fashion/lifestyle blog I should be showing you what I wore.  But frankly it was so humid last night both getting ready and at the event that I was melting and it wouldn't have made for good pictures!  hahahaha but so you have an idea I did wear {this} romper!..lol  And hair UP because again it was just sooo darn hot out!

How did you spend your Tuesday night?



In a few short weeks (fingers crossed of course) my best friend {Cindy} will be graduating from the Royal Veterinarian College in London, England.  After five (long) years she will become Dr. Favaro and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!  Since one the things we do over Skype and MSN is SHOP we picked out the blue dress you see below for her to wear to her graduation we immediately went accessory shopping!  

Now, she let me pick out the accents and use it as a post (isn't she sweet..lol).  So with that said she got this STUNNING dress and clutch and since the clutch has a gold accent I paired it with a simple earring, black pumps and a chunky cuff.  The dress is a statement on its own with the deep V and colour so I wanted to make it the show-piece and not take away from it.

In July I will post what she wore and you can see what the whole outfit looks like in person, 

Graduation Glam


Summer Fun...

ahhh back to work we all go!

I had a fantastic weekend away up at our family's summer home.  Lots of bike riding, too much candy, oodles of laughs, only thing I wish was I slept more! hahaha

As this INSANE week approaches, I think I will get no rest, wish someone else would do my dishes and mow my lawn; but I look forward to seeing many groups of friends, a beer/cheese event, yoga, rowing, book club and capping of the weekend with a dear friends bachlorette party.

And with that I will take a deep breathe and think of the positives! 
Here is my weekend in pictures!  Hope yours was great too!

the Port Elgin marina

my mum's, mine and dad's bikes while taking a break from our ride

my weekend arm candy party 

the new cottage!  parents are chilln' where they will eventually do the dishes

my view while riding

ahhh so scenic and relaxing until the hill in about 100m ahead I had forgotten about lol

all the pretty flowers my mum had planted

family that plays together stays together

no summer night at beach is complete with out a bonfire




That old expression "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" makes complete sense for you and your girlfriends I am sure.  Yes there are always an exception but for the most part if you and looked your closest girlfriends you have very similar styles.  Quite possibly even raid each others closets; in my case they raid my shoe closet..lol

Saw this picture of Jennifer Lawrence walking with some friends and I thought, if the ladies all traded outfits each girl would still looks fantastic!  Not to mention I thought I would wear all three looks!

Sometimes you just need 'that' top for those jeans so go shopping in your friends closet, free shopping is the best kind! lol  And if she is a true friend she totally won't mind!

Shout out to my girls whom I swap with all the time!! :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I am heading up to my parents cottage and could not be more thrilled for some sunshine, bike rides along the lake, laughs and of course quality time with Dad for Father's Day!



I was originally going to do this post for Friday but I couldn't wait to share it since it is filled with AMAZING images!!!  So let today be the day where you can take these ladies and inspire not only your weekend clothing options but even more summer options!  Cause who doesn't love OPTIONS!...lol

Here are my favorite street style photographs from the last two weeks!  Enjoy!