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It is Wednesday, mid week, and I can almost smell this up coming long weekend.  This weekend we will celebrate all things CANADIAN as July 1st (Sunday) is Canada Day. 

Here are ten things I will make sure get done this weekend:

1. Drink a Canadian beer or many Canadian beers

2. Wear as much Canadian inspired clothing I can

3. Try to find a beaver and shake his/her hand for such good national representation

4. Lie on a beach and forget that it will be snowing soon enough

5. I will at least once break out into song and sing the national anthem off tune

6. Eat poutine (if you do not know, it is THIS)

7. Watch fireworks

8. Be VERY thankful for this great land and the opportunities I have because I was born here

9. Send my American cousins a HAPPY CANADA DAY text

10. Laugh LOTS

Now for those of you not wearing a maple leaf across your chest or on the back of your super hero cape, here are a couple suggestions for you!

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!Canadian Pride...

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