Yesterday's {post} I showcased shoes I picked out for Kristy to wear with the dress she picked to attend a wedding in.  She came back with her top to favorites, the coral and green shoes, they were in my top 3! Great minds think alike.  My top fav were the plum-mulit coloured Nine West stacked heels.  
Today with those choices made we move onto jewellery and handbags to complete the look!  These are guidelines, inspiration, something for her to draw on when she is putting it all together.  Even though I styled them and am biased, lol, I love all three choices and don't think she can go wrong at all!
Hopefully I can convince Kristy to take some shots of what she ultimately wore to the wedding and we can post here and show you the final look!!!

The coral shoes.  With this I would stack a ton of gold bangles and add a wrist harness ring to add a little funk to the feminine dress.  No necklace or earrings letting the shoes and this great Zara clutch do all the talking.  The coral/watermelon colour is right on trend for this summer and would be perfect with the floral print of the dress.
choice 3.... 
The multi coloured shoes.  I thought these would be perfect, muted colours but lots of them would be a great Summer wedding shoe.  The stacked heel would be easy to stand in all day too.  I  know Kristy loves her boyfriend watch so add that into the mix gives the look a great simple feel.  A clutch in raffia brings in the texture of the shoes.  Then just stack some great simple gold rings on her fingers and knuckles to compliment the grommets on the neckline of this dress.

Choice 1.... 

The green shoes.  How amazing is the mint-ish green with the floral on that dress right!  This shoe I thought would look gorgeous with the dip hemline.  Uber-sexy still with wedding day class!  Paired with a great drop earring and a simple necklace, her watch again and a nude clutch keeps everything simple and clean yet so fresh!

choice 2.... 

Which look is your top choice?  Let me know!!




Wedding Shoe Styling...

Wedding Shoe Styling... 

I am soooo honored with friends ask me to help style them for events.  I blessed they even care what I think.  So when my college girlfriend Kristy sent me a picture of this hi-low dress she purchased for an upcoming wedding and said "GO" I jumped to style it!

For you readers we are going to mix this 'styling' up.  First I am going to let her chose her top three choices out of the shoes I think will go with this dress.  And yes, I have a favorite I hope secretly she chooses..lol  Once she picks shoes I will move on and do the rest.  I am a shoe lover as most of you know, so I always, like 98% of the time pick my shoes first for an outfit.  Hell, sometimes I buy the shoes THEN find a dress..lol  Once I have the shoes I can style jewels and handbags around them.  They are the easier things to find etc so making them the last choice is simple.

With the dress being a muted grey/purple print on cream I wanted BRIGHT shoes; make it pop so to speak.  Also add a little contrast to the print.  All these shoes are currently available now in stores, some cheap, some reasonable some on the high end.  Shop from everywhere, never limit your options!

So!  Kristy, pick away!  Any of these tickle your fancy?!?!



Support Local.  We all should!

When Beth of Guelph's sweatshop free clothing store {GreyRockClothingCo}  posted she was carrying yoga jeans up to size 22 on twitter, I jumped right on her tweet!!  Guelph has no local boutique offering such jeans let alone mainstream sizes to plus size!!  When you offer such a wide range of clothing size options for women, they will come! lol

I gave them a test drive and man, I could do yoga in them!  Trust me!  Stretchy and soft they are a great pair of jeans.  I would totally recommend these ladies!  If you don't have a pair of black denim in your closet now you should get these, they will become a staple.  Easily.

Shout out to Beth and her great store! If you are ever in the area you MUST go say hello!!  Tell her Carlie sent you! :)  You can also find Beth tweeting daily oufit posts too on Twitter, so make sure to follow {GreyRockClothingCo} there too @GreyRockCo

 Something obviously caught Stella's attention...lol

Aside from all the great clothes, {GreyRock} also has some amazing accessories!  
I picked up this awesome copper ring when I was in last.



My girlfriend Corrine of {MommyinDubai} asked me for some wedding guest styling advice.  She has a swanky wedding to attend next month in Austria and needed some help.  Corrine just gave birth to her second baby, a little boy named Nate less than a month ago!  So when I was selecting some looks I wanted to keep in mind that her body is still going thru some changes and she is still breastfeeding, so I wanted the dresses to move and be comfortable.  A wedding as we all know is a long day and with two kids on her side nothing is better than comfort.  All the dresses I picked are from {ASOS}, I chose this site cause I can pick all the dresses I want from Canadian stores but if she can't access them in Dubai this post is useless!  So if she loves one of them she can easily order and voila she is set to go!  Now with that said, these dresses would work for EVERYONE for a wedding guest not just a post baby body.

All the dresses I chose were long, fancy and summer weddings you can do long dresses.  Not to mention if running after her 3yr old Ruby in heels is tricky she can switch to a great flat embellished sandal and no one would be the wiser! lol

Pick #1 is this great side wrapped navy dress.  Gorgeous on her, she's a blonde.  Paired with some pastel accessories is a great way to jazz up a basic dress.


#2 is an amazing one shoulder dress.  The print is great and the vibe is very Mediterranean/middle eastern.  Hey, she lives in Dubai, embrace it!
one shoulder...

#3 the red stunner.  Classy, understated yet bold.  This dress has lots of room to move and would be super comfortable.  Paired with all black jewels would make this out perfect.
red dress

#4.. some pop!  This colour is amazing!  With the embellished top it is very fancy.  Perfect for a posh wedding.  I would pair with a nude shoe because I don't want anything distracting from the top which is the main feature of course.
Green Dress

#5..  Black and white is EVERYWHERE.  There is a reason it never goes out of style.  This dress would hide anything she doesn't want out on display.  Additions of the blue POP add a little fun.  The knee high slit is sexy but not too sexy for a wedding.
black and white.

Corrine,  I hope you get inspired by these choices.  Out of these five you would look amazing in ANY of them!  You will find something for this wedding and you will knock their socks off.  Nothing better than being the best dressed wedding guest!..lol

Also, Moms out there, go check out her blog, always fun, crafty and useful tips!!



Summer Errands...

Summer Errands... 

Keeping with yesterday's theme of outfits that SCREAM summer, I saw a lovely lady wearing this outfit at the beach over the weekend and knew I had to share it will you all.  Lace shorts are in full force this year and pairing with a simple black tube top is a perfect balance.  Party on the bottom and business on top!..lol  Adding a great boho bag (FEED bags are for a great cause) and some t-strap sandals and you are set.

I love the simplicity of this look, fresh and comfy; perfect for all summer patios and errands!



Ahhhh the long weekend is over.  Let us all let out a huge sigh.  Although my weekend was packed with moving stuff into the new cottage the sun was out and the hope for Summer fun times was in full force!

I want to be inspired by Reese's look above for the Summer to come.  Classic and preppy is the way to go!  A crisp button down and white shorts is a no fail go to look for EVERYONE.

So while this is a short week, we all drink our coffee and do our laundry, let's not forget, just four days and we can all hit patios again and relax!

Happy Monday!!!



My sartorial jaw dropped last night when I saw Ms. Mindy Kaling at the FOX upfronts for her show, The Mindy Project.  What an AMAZING look!  I loved it!  The robins egg blue, with the green belt and the metallic shoes was simply perfection.  And the little side slit, this dress was made for her gorgeous curves. 
I need this dress!  This has to be one of my most favorite red carpet looks on anyone in a long time!  Classic, elegant, fun and hip this look had it all.  She knocked this one out of the park.  Also love the messy side plait adding some 'post sex hair' type of vibe.

I love her show, I love her comedy and now with this outfit she is officially my newest girl crush.


Just Because...

This is one of my favorite photos of my Mum and I.  This is us, post Turkish Bath in Istanbul in 2010.  I snapped this as we waited for the elevator as we had tears in our eyes I wanted to capture it on film so that I never would forget.  No makeup, and a giggle fest ensuing, we couldn't stop laughing for at least an hour.  And still to this day when we talk about it we laugh.  I love having this memory with my mum.

Yesterday was Mother's day but she needed a shout out on this blog too!  She inspires me, pushes me.  She always believes in me, and always puts me in place..lol  She is a superhero in my eyes, a friend to all that know her.  Thanks Mum for all you do, and even more for all that you WILL do.

Happy Mother's Day.


Just Because...

The image below might be for a scarf company out of Spain, {Suturno} but is how I feel at the end of this week; exhausted.  Stepped up the crossfit this week, added in a 2 hour hike and some yoga and lots of packing.  A few restless and sleepless nights have left me so pooped yet excited for the weekend.
I just want to stay under the covers and sleep!  lol

Don't forget everyone, it is Mother's Day on Sunday!!  So tell her you love her!




Sometimes I see something and I am like huh, I like it but I don't like it.  When I recently came across pictures of the Kardashian sisters at event I spotted Kourtney (on left) wearing some sort of ankle accessories.  I know she has had no run ins with the law (pop culture junkie) so it wasn't for police reasons..lol  Then I thought is it a little belt? A watch?  Either way I was thinking I kinda liked it.  Next time I wear some crop pants out I will consider adorning my ankles with something MUCH larger than anklet.  Why not I guess right?  It is a 50/50 split either I love this or I am not for it.  Will people assume I am out on probation and wearing a police monitoring system, or am I just super amazing for thinking/copying this?

Plus why not dress up our ankles with some chunky jewellery right, they always get left out!

Time will tell.  FYI, I will totally do a WIW post wearing a watch, if I can get in on and it fits.  I have NEVER measured my ankles! hahaha


Event Clothing... Met Gala 2013

The theme was punk!  A quirky theme for the Met Gala that was held last night.  Honoring all fashions that are punk and raising money at the same time brought out the whos who of celebrities and models.  Think high fashion mixed with spikes, quilt pins, plaid, leather more leather, and lots of eye liner!  Some took major risks and went all out (isn't fashion all about taking risks anyways) some played it super safe.  Some didn't dress with the theme others took it over the top!  Being punk is about being yourself, making a statement, ANYTHING GOES.

Here is my review!

Model Cara Delevingne went punk with a with spikes EVERYWHERE.  
Only thing I don't support the white clutch.

Sweet but with some edge was Michele Williams.  Love the book clutch, a great way to add some umpf to a simple black dress.

 Well well well, Anne Hathaway is a bombshell in platinum blonde.  I LOVE IT!!!  Not sure about the feather cuffs but love the dress on her.

Madonna is someone who you can say took the theme literally.  Well, not at all my fav of the night's punk looks but she committed to the look! lol  However, I want those legs!

Taylor swift needed some Moroccan Oil for the friz.  The hair choice I don't get.  Thought this outfit would have looked great with a slicked back pony.  Cutouts on the dress are great though.

Nina Dobrev looked stunning last night.  So edgy!  
The pantsuit with a skirt was a perfect way to show a little sass!

Well Miley.... you too PUNK and made in 90's grunge.  
Hardly the same thing but she very much committed..lol 
She reminds me of Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries or she should be in a Prodgy music video! lol

Floral is in.  But the gloves and matching shoes?! Not so sure.  Loved Kim Kardashian's hair and lipstick.  But, you know this outfit was approved by some high fashion people so if they approve I approve..lol

Alicia Keys in leather and sequins and cutouts.  Overall decent but safe.

Well hello Ms. Gisele Bundchen making punk her slave last night.  Not the spikes on the shoes!

Oh Gwyneth,  you have the body of the Gods, you have amazing fashion sense, so WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!  Ugh.  This is my worst dressed pick of the night.  Just ugh.  
Something a grandma would wear.  sucks. lol

Almost didn't recognize Ashley Greene with the dark hair!  Loved this look! Brocade gets me everytime.   Almost regal punk if it existed..lol

Leave it to the fashion master Sarah Jessica Parker to make punk HIGH FASHION.  The Phillip Tracey head piece of a mohawk was enough to get me to adore it.  But the plaid thigh high boots with the skirt, I mean please.  Carrie Bradshaw never fails.

Co-chair of the night Beyonce also went with gloves, thigh high boots and brocade.  Ummm I am undecided on this look.  Lots going on, not sure what to focus on.  Good effort but not in my top 10.

Kristin Stewart meets Joan Jett, meets androgyny and punk all in one paint suit.  Loved the colour!

 Elizabeth Banks I would like to borrow this when your done!  lol  Gold menswear, I am in!

Cameron Diaz, I get it but I don't get it.  Make sense.  LOVE the colour the belt.  Hey, I normally fawn over a cape but some how with the hair and the flow of the dress if fell down for me.  Just whelmed.

Jessica Biel in lace pants with a skirt.  
Would have loved to have seen a great earring with this but loved the lazercut lace!

 Rooney Mara punk'ing it out in white.  Great choice for her skin tone.  And that lip, wow!  This is what I think a punk angel would look like..lol

Amber Heard in red lace.  Perhaps a safe and feminine choice however the black underneath gives it a little edge.  Again would have done something else with the hair, too pretty.

Like Madonna, Nicole Ritchie committed to the theme.  White hair, hmmm, wouldn't green or purple have been more punk?  Dress fits her like a glove.  Remember the Simple Life, what a difference!

Newlywed Blake Lively was a safe.  Not great not poor.  Dress is amazing though, but did it wear her?

Now there is a punk hair do!  Jennifer Morrison looked like the perfect balance of punk meets lady.

 Model Karolina Kurkova rocked a mini dress.  Different patterns, eyeliner for days equals perfect punk!  Look at her pose on the carpet; that is how you become a SUPER MODEL.

 TV favorite Mindy Kailing looked amazing.  Loved the turquoise clutch.  
Safe outfit for the event but amazing none the less.

Jesus Christ superstar meets the Queen?!  Whatever Katy Perry's motivation for the night the look was a slam dunk.  I will name her Punk Princess of the night!  
No one else could have pulled this look off; it was made for her!


Event Clothing... Kentucky Derby 2013

If your weekend was anything like mine I was outside ALL WEEKEND.  From lunching on patios, to hikes and walks, a trip to the anitque market, I spent almost no time inside.  I have a very red nose to prove it.  
So if like me, you also missed the Kentucky Derby (not that I ever 'really' watch it).  The hats as everyone knows are 'the' most important part, sorry horse-ies..lol  For today's post I rounded up some of my favorites from the Derby!  The Derby is on my bucket list, something about it just makes me want to see it in person.  I also day dream of how fabulous my hat would be if I ever do go!  I mean, can you imagine! hahahaha

In the mean time, it is Monday, so sip your coffee, tip your hat, relax and look at so beautiful hats!