Wedding Shoe Styling...

Wedding Shoe Styling... 

I am soooo honored with friends ask me to help style them for events.  I blessed they even care what I think.  So when my college girlfriend Kristy sent me a picture of this hi-low dress she purchased for an upcoming wedding and said "GO" I jumped to style it!

For you readers we are going to mix this 'styling' up.  First I am going to let her chose her top three choices out of the shoes I think will go with this dress.  And yes, I have a favorite I hope secretly she chooses..lol  Once she picks shoes I will move on and do the rest.  I am a shoe lover as most of you know, so I always, like 98% of the time pick my shoes first for an outfit.  Hell, sometimes I buy the shoes THEN find a dress..lol  Once I have the shoes I can style jewels and handbags around them.  They are the easier things to find etc so making them the last choice is simple.

With the dress being a muted grey/purple print on cream I wanted BRIGHT shoes; make it pop so to speak.  Also add a little contrast to the print.  All these shoes are currently available now in stores, some cheap, some reasonable some on the high end.  Shop from everywhere, never limit your options!

So!  Kristy, pick away!  Any of these tickle your fancy?!?!

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