Hope everyone has a spooktacular day!  On Monday you saw what I wore {here} for my Halloween costume and today I will show you what my fantastic girlfriends and sister wore to the party!  Even the dog Stella dressed up; and I would like to add she didn't fight it at all!

Cindy dressed up as a Parisian clown known as a pierrot.  She looked amazing!!!  
She went all out with this and it totally payed off! oh la la!

Anglea, THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, went totally 80's to support the decade she was born and I have to say it looks great on her!  Sequins, teased hair and some neon, hands down always a winner!

My sister went as 'the hockey lockout'.  For us Canadians this costume signifies the depression we will now go thru this winter! lol  Doesn't she look darling!

 This is Shannon's version of a last minute costume!  Really!  She decided to join us literally the night before and she makes one amazing poodle girl.  Every girl loves some crinoline.  Also side note: this is Shannon's first WIW post on the blog and I couldn't thank her more for doing it! 

And now for Stella.  My pup.  I call her adoringly pumpkin (and noodle, long story) and she couldn't be cuter.  I couldn't get her to sit still for a proper photo-op but I wasn't going to complain since I did dress her in this costume and she didn't once try to take it off.  Insert an AHHHH here! lol
And now for the obligatory group shot of the party!!!



I haven't done a 50/50 post in a while and over the weekend I was hit over the head with the colour chartreuse and I was like, 1 min I liked it, the next I was like ugh, chartreuse! lol  It is such and odd colour.

How this all came about when I was watching horror movies Friday night with my girls Cindy and Shannon, and during {The Exorsist} the main character was wearing chartreuse, and I was like wow, that colour is hardly worn now.  Then on Saturday night we had {Scream} playing and Courtney Cox's character shows up on screen in chartreuse suit; insert laughter and girl chatter about the colour. Then, yes then, Angela walks in with fingerless chartreuse gloves for her Halloween costume.  Dumb-founded I was like what is with this!!  Come Monday morning and checking the blog roll I see Amy Adams and Cameron Diaz BOTH wore chartreuse to the {LACMA} event in Los Angeles over the weekend.  I was dumbfounded that this colour had been everywhere in one weekend, yet it has not been popular in YEARS!!!  Even Cindy mentioned last night at our volley-ball practice a character in the television show {Park 666} was wearing the colour in her Halloween costume as Tippi Hedren of the {the Birds} for the episode Sunday night.

I have to say you might be 50/50 on this colour but there is no denying it is bright, stunning, clearly fashion forward and yet 'old' and classic.  Next time we should not judge a colour so drastically, we might just fall in love with it if we see it enough in one weekend.  I am now off to find some chartreuse to add to my closet!

Images {JustJared}



Lots of posts coming this week from the weekend of Halloween fun had!  Thought I would jump right in and show you my outfit!

I went as Col. Carlie.. some sort of armed forces member! lol  And thank goodness it was Halloween or those boobies of mine would have been more covered; But somehow cause it is Halloween you can get away with it.  And based off other outfits (not my friends) my outfit was fairly tame on the 'sexy' side..lol

Tomorrow I will post what my girls wore, including the pup's costume!


Wearing Aldo boots | HM hat | Lane Bryant dress | Aeropostale bracelet | dog tags from costume store



Today's DIY post is a great addition to any closet.  Either you have plastic hangers or wire ones (I shutter at the thought) or you are lucky enough to have poofy lace covered ones;  I am not that lucky.  And sometimes they don't have the little hooks for holding stuff up, why they all don't I will never know. 
A great tip is take some yarn and wrap it around, a touch of glue at start and finish will help keep the yarn in place.  This will help all those silky items, skinny straps stay in place and not fall of the hangers!

You can add bold colours like the picture below or do something sleek like black on white hangers or monochromatic, green hangers, green yarn.  So many choices!!  Plus look at the fun added to your closet with some colour!

DIY those hangers people!



A while back I saw a feature on {ExLibrisJournals} on {Apartment Therapy}.  I immediately knew I wanted to have a few of these prints in my house.  All the cute sayings or graphics are printed on book print which makes for totally unique wall decor.  I have ordered a few prints that will grace my hallway and one for a special girlfriend, who shall remain nameless until I give it to her!  The prints below are great examples of the variety that Meaghan makes so you have to check out here Etsy shop {here} and browse all that she has!

 giveaway time!!!!
(now closed)

Now this is the great part of this post!  Meaghan also makes TOTE BAGS!! And.... dum dum dum.. She is giving away two bags to my Friends in my Closet readers!!  How wicked is that!  I chose these two bags for the giveaway and I hope you like my choices!

How to enter:
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that simple!
for BONUS entries:
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Giveaway winners will be announced Wednesday 31st, so you have a week to enter!



Animal Love...
Animal Love... 

 Last week I expressed how small animal graphic prints are popping all over stores, see that post {here}.  Also showing up on all the top bloggers sites and in stores are the LARGE animals! lol  Not so much a print as it is a statement.  Think, this is something my Grandma would knit me, and then spice it up and make it all your own!  Below are a couple images on how perfectly stylish this large ANIMAL can be!

So are you more of a fox girl, an owl girl, or a cat lover all the way?



Fall Fun...

So what did you do this weekend?  You ask what did I do? Well, Friday night I modeled at the {National Women's Show} no biggie! 
AS IF!!! 
This was huge deal for me.  New to this whole modelling thing, to have this opportunity was amazing.  I modeled dresses for {Rent Frock Repeat} an online dress rental retailer that I also did their National plus-size campaign for.  Log in and you can see me in all their dress options!  They do all sizes, 2-24, so if you are Canadian you MUST try out their services it is such a great alternative for events!  All their dresses are STUNNING!  For the rest of you, just search for a company in your country that does the same thing.

Kristy and Lisa, thank you over and over again for this opportunity.  I had an absolute blast and I received so many compliments post show I was flattered to represent your brand.  And shout out to my Mum and Aunt in the crowd who's big smiles made me feel so comfortable as I strutted my stuff.  And trust me everyone.. I STRUTTED!!! hahaha  Also thanks to Mum for taking these pictures to share with you all!

the stage!

look #1

look #2

my final look and also my FAVORITE dress!


Wish List...

{Lucky Magazine} recently tweeted these AMAZING ombre {Pierre Hardy} wedges from Paris Fashion Week.  And well frankly I had to share.  I just wished for fall to come and already I begin jonesing for Spring..lol  Oh Fashion World, you are a paradigm!




I am a huge fan of Olivia Wilde's style and when I saw these paparazzi shots yesterday I fell in love with this outfit!  I never would have thought to have paired a long sweater with my crop denim jacket. I have all the pieces that make up this look, most of us would they are all great basics, so it is super easy to recreate.  As long as nothing crazy happens with the weather, I will be wearing this look this weekend!  

Images {Just Jared}


Fall Fun...

Oh Monday's  you come so soon! 
Friday night was {Oktoberfest} and it already seems like so long ago!  My friends and I laughed our petunia's off!!  We sang, danced, drank and most of all made memories.  A perfect Friday evening.

While the rest of my weekend was quite relaxing a trip to the movies to see {Pitch Perfect} on Saturday evening had me howling at the screen!!  I cannot wait to watch it again, it was super funny.

I love when I can laugh an entire weekend away!  Here are just a couple pictures from Friday night.
Laughter is by far the best medicine.


a close up of the epaulette detailing of my shirt.  Got it {here}

chicken dance time!

my girls dressed right up in their fancy dirndls

dear friend Julia is a knock out in her khaki ensemble!


Just Because...

Friday here in these parts means it is time for me to head to Oktoberfest in a neighboring city.  Gathering with friends, drinking beer and lots of laughs, no better way in my mind to start off a weekend!  This was our time last year {here} I hope this year is just as much fun!

Totally will have a WIW post to recap this event next week on the blog.

In the mean time, enjoy your weekend too!



Although this list seems kind of odd because right now here, I feel like fall was completly skipped over and it feels like winter already!  However I cannot over look this list becasue it does include some of my favorite things.  And even when Fall ends, some will roll into winter and keep a smile on my face ie. cinnamon scented candles.

So as this season 'falls' behind us quicker than we would like, don't forget to take a deep breath and enjoy all the little things around you that only seem to happen once a year!
Before we know it will be the holiday season and then we will be wishing for warmer weather.



Well my apologies for a lack of post these past two days.  Monday was a holiday and I cleaned the house and relaxed plenty.  And yesterday my 9-5 moved into their new office building and well, there was no time to post or promote! hahaha
So I thought for today let's talk FALL ESSENTIALS!  I was reminded of these great additions while shopping with my mum and sis this past weekend.  These few items are in full affect in every store, in prices high to low.  Each season it is always nice to update the closet with some trendy and fashion forward pieces and this season these are those.

Be daring with the structured hat with a great pop of colour for drab days, try OXBLOOD/Bordeaux as a great addition to a neutral outfit.  And have fun with the animal of choice in your top!
And it is FALL, so make sure whatever you wear you are comfortable, it is all about comfort in fall and cozy days in great clothes.

Fall Essentials


Just Because...


Today marks the beginning of our Canadian Thanksgiving, so I thought it was only fitting that A, I scream joy because it is a long weekend and I need some rest and then B, make mention of all the things I am thankful for.  

My family
Friends.. all of you.  Would be lost without your love and laughter
my pup Stella for always providing the best cuddles
a secure job that funds my passions of travel and outoutrageous activities
comfortable fall footwear.. aka flat boots
this blog and all you viewers for allowing me this creative outlet; And for some reason caring what I have to say each and everyday you visit it
pumpkin spice lattes
sequins and all things that shine
wine and champange
Joe Manganiello, he provides me with the best eye candy
and of course have to thank technology.  With the ipod, the blackberry that laptop etc that all help my days go round and round (superficial thank you, but you all know they are life lines)
my post(man/woman) for always delivering my online shopping purchases  lol there are lots!

and most of all I am thankful for all the coming days, cause who knows what is around the corner

Spend time with your families this weekend, relax and most of all just be thankful for what little or lots you have in your life.



To break out of my 9-5 routine I really look to the weekend for the change to bring out some pieces from the closet that I cannot wear to the office.  Going casual chic is fantastic and look that I adore almost as much as sequins and sky high heels.  When {Cindy} on a very early Sunday morning beat me to our daily read of {Refinery29} she was like you have to do a post like this for the blog.  So being that I adored all the outfits they put together, I decided to show you them! lol

Look to these stylings for what to wear to the grocery store, coffee with girlfriends, your book club meetings etc! lol  Click on this {link} to see where to buy these pieces if one tickles your fancy!







My sister recently asked me for assistance on what to wear to a fall wedding. I yelped and said lace! hahaha Mostly cause that is what I will be wearing to a fall wedding coming up.  She said she doesn't own any and what else could she wear.  Thus inspiring this post!  All these dresses are from {HM} so they are accessible and perfectly priced!  So here are my suggestions of what to wear to wear to a fall wedding.

A satin dress always evokes richness, adding a great floral pattern on it is a great way for it to be fresh and not all boring for a wedding!

Lace is so hot right now, lace everything it seems!  But adding a touch of lace to LBD is a great dress option.  Feminine and demure, can never go wrong with those qualities.

The peplum trend shows no sign of stopping right now.  
This dress in red is perfect dress for a wedding guest.

I will say it again, Bordeaux is so IT right now, and so is the embellished collar.  
Adding them together makes a perfect pulled together look.

Leather oozes fall.  So adding an accent of leather (not a whole dress) would be a perfect way to look super sophisticated as a guest without looking to street walker.  Be careful that the leather you pick is very matte not shiny, too shiny you might trashy.  Fine line people, fine line!..lol