Hope everyone has a spooktacular day!  On Monday you saw what I wore {here} for my Halloween costume and today I will show you what my fantastic girlfriends and sister wore to the party!  Even the dog Stella dressed up; and I would like to add she didn't fight it at all!

Cindy dressed up as a Parisian clown known as a pierrot.  She looked amazing!!!  
She went all out with this and it totally payed off! oh la la!

Anglea, THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, went totally 80's to support the decade she was born and I have to say it looks great on her!  Sequins, teased hair and some neon, hands down always a winner!

My sister went as 'the hockey lockout'.  For us Canadians this costume signifies the depression we will now go thru this winter! lol  Doesn't she look darling!

 This is Shannon's version of a last minute costume!  Really!  She decided to join us literally the night before and she makes one amazing poodle girl.  Every girl loves some crinoline.  Also side note: this is Shannon's first WIW post on the blog and I couldn't thank her more for doing it! 

And now for Stella.  My pup.  I call her adoringly pumpkin (and noodle, long story) and she couldn't be cuter.  I couldn't get her to sit still for a proper photo-op but I wasn't going to complain since I did dress her in this costume and she didn't once try to take it off.  Insert an AHHHH here! lol
And now for the obligatory group shot of the party!!!

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