I haven't done a 50/50 post in a while and over the weekend I was hit over the head with the colour chartreuse and I was like, 1 min I liked it, the next I was like ugh, chartreuse! lol  It is such and odd colour.

How this all came about when I was watching horror movies Friday night with my girls Cindy and Shannon, and during {The Exorsist} the main character was wearing chartreuse, and I was like wow, that colour is hardly worn now.  Then on Saturday night we had {Scream} playing and Courtney Cox's character shows up on screen in chartreuse suit; insert laughter and girl chatter about the colour. Then, yes then, Angela walks in with fingerless chartreuse gloves for her Halloween costume.  Dumb-founded I was like what is with this!!  Come Monday morning and checking the blog roll I see Amy Adams and Cameron Diaz BOTH wore chartreuse to the {LACMA} event in Los Angeles over the weekend.  I was dumbfounded that this colour had been everywhere in one weekend, yet it has not been popular in YEARS!!!  Even Cindy mentioned last night at our volley-ball practice a character in the television show {Park 666} was wearing the colour in her Halloween costume as Tippi Hedren of the {the Birds} for the episode Sunday night.

I have to say you might be 50/50 on this colour but there is no denying it is bright, stunning, clearly fashion forward and yet 'old' and classic.  Next time we should not judge a colour so drastically, we might just fall in love with it if we see it enough in one weekend.  I am now off to find some chartreuse to add to my closet!

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