Winter Fun...

{Selfridges&Co} in London, UK is one of the most amazing department stores in the world.  Not to mention it has the world's largest shoe department; it even made me swoon in person when I saw it in 2010.
Every year their window displays are amongst some of the greatest in the world.  The above video shows you how they do just that!  Enjoy the splendor of the Selfridges WHITE CHRISTMAS window!

Tomorrow if Christmas Eve and well, I could not be more thrilled!  I wish you and your family all the best this holiday season no matter what holiday you celebrate.
Take time to spend it with loved ones, eat lots, rest up, shop, share and most of all BE HAPPY!

FimC will be back in the New Year of 2012 with lots of great posts, inspirations and most of all some added STYLE from my closet to yours!

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

Wish List...

I have done a post on these {dSquared} skating booties before, see {here}.  Now they are on sale and my heart still goes pitter patter for them.  Ahhhhh  If only!  I realize this shoe is for a certain clientele, and just saying as a figure skater, I AM THEIR CLIENTELE!!!!!!!



Does your family do a family portrait holiday card?  Mine doesn't.  One family that does one every year are the Kardashian/Jenner clan.  These are their stunning holiday photos for their 2011 card from Kim Kardashians blog {here}.  Now it would be nice to convenience my father to wear a tux for a photo!  Say what you want about the Kardashians, they do know how to take a glam photo!

Now if you do do a family holiday photo and it was not this fancy perhaps next year you can up the anty and put out one like this!  Your friends will call you 'fancy pants' and who doesn't like fancy pants! lol

oh!  My favourite part, all of them in bow ties and menswear inspired looks.  Nothing says sexy like a lady in a tux! And it is hard to see but Khloe has netting across her face, I am loving that too.


The every changing wardrobe of Pippa Middelton is something that keeps the world on its toes!  Everyday popular websites show you her walking to work.  She must like the attention, cause she never changes her route to avoid the papparazzi.

Here is what she wore everyday going to work last week! hahaha  What I like most about her style, its simple.  Everyone has these pieces or similar things that can be worn in a variety of ways.  Its effortless casual style.  Just like her Royal sister she is an everyday girls girl.

Which look is your favourite?  Mine is the blue coat, I love a great coloured jacket.

Also, the bag she carriers in the first three photos is now available about {TownShoes}, although not sure if there are any left considering {Modalu} the maker of the 'Pippa' bag only had 600 in Canada.  Shout out to  my cousin Sarah who was lucky enough to get her hands on one though!

all Images {imnotobsessed.com}



Weather is dreary today, but I have ZERO complaints about it since there is no snow and that makes me HAPPY!
With the weather it was all about layering to stay dry and warm! Happy Wednesday right!?!


What I Wore:
jacket- NewLook
leggings/sweater- OldNavy
boots- Hunters
socks- Walmart
blouse- Penningtons
hat- H&M


{Pinterest} is something I LOVE but cannot find enough time to keep up with it the same way most do.  For some last minute inspiration for the holidays considering they are days away, here are some pictures I pinned on my boards to help get you in the mood!

To learn more about {Pinterest} follow me {here} and to also for more information on the pictures below.

Be HOLIDAY inspired!




On Saturday night past my parents had their semi-annual Holiday Open House.  The event was so much fun with lots of people, laughter, cheer and great food; thanks Mum.

I decided to dress 'lumber-jack chic' as I was calling it!  I was channeling my inner {Roots} model! lol  Apologies upfront for the bathroom photo..lol  By the time I remembered to take pictures the bathroom was my last option, and well frankly, it had the best lighting too! hahaha

Cindy and I!


shirt- Haagar Clothing Company
pencil skirt- Old Navy
earrings- Aldo
belt- which was actually a scarf, Urban Behavior
bracelet- Areopostale



Why not start off this Monday with some MAJOR fashion inpspiration!  My love of Charlize is nothing new for you Fimc readers as you can see from a previous post {here}.  To me she is the eptiome of perfection and during a week of press for her new flick 'Young Adult' (trailer below) she did not disappoint in the least.  Here are images from press events she did.

Classic, feminine, strong, a true influential style maven.

   In Stella McCartney  Spring 2012                                                          In Christian Dior Resort 2012

In a Balenciaga dress and a great leather coat                                      
                                                                                                            In a Thakoon top, J Brand jeans and                                                                                                                Stella McCartney blazer  ps. love this guys face!

            In a red leather Dior dress                                                                    In Antonio Berardi
In a lbd mini Dior

As you can tell by just these few photos, she knows what looks best on her and always sticks to the same designers.  Don't fix it if it works.

and now the trailer for the movie!  Enjoy.


Just Because...

Well it is Friday and I could not be more thrilled, although I feel like my holiday vacation should start now and sadly I have one more week of work.

Tomorrow night at my family's house is our big annual OPEN HOUSE.  Today my parents scurry around trying to get everything just right (and it will be) and I will be loaning my help as much as I can because I to enjoy the party!  I cannot wait to post some pictures next week on the event, and trust me it is an EVENT...lol

As holiday parties are in full swing and everyone is having tons of  hors dourves and cokatails how great is this napkin I found!  lol  Need I say more this holiday season?!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



A while back I posted some fashion bloggers closets from {ApartmentTherapy} that did a review on them, you can see them {here}.  I promised you readers I would showcase my closet; so finally the laundry is all done and this is what my closet looks like.

I am blessed to have a walk-in at my house, so come on in!

This is the left side and the right side of my walk-in.

Here on the left I keep all my fold-ables. Some things you may notice:
a)I keep a shopping bag on the shelf to put clothes I try on and no longer want, helps make it easier come closet cleaning time.
b) I store my hats all ontop of eachother to help condense space and keep their shape
c) I keep regular t-shirts, all tanks, linen shirts, workout clothes, and sleepwear each in their own cubbie.  Helps me go to exactly what I need a lot easier
d) keep all belts together and then all my leather gloves together ontop of the cubbies

Working its way into my dress collection on the far right  side. Its quite a LARGE collection of dresses.  I keep them in colour order as you can kinda tell.  So it goes all LBD, then grey dresses, blue dresses, green, coral/red dresses and I ended in sequins!  Ontop of the dresses is my denim collection.

This is a close  up picture of my dress/work shirts.  Again, all colour coordinated for ease of dressing in the morning or at any time really.  Always think BROYGBV; black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet!

Hope you enjoyed the walk around my closet! And the look into a space I spend a good chunk of time, IN, CLEANING, and ADDING too!

ps... If you have a great closet let me know, I would love to feature it!  
I mean the blog is all about FRIENDS and CLOSETS!!!  :)



As much as I want this to be a GRIPE I love it too much!  For most of you viewers I am sure it is a GRIPE, but the odd-ball, daring fashion lover I am, I want to wear this to a party ASAP.

So today's GRIPE is to always remind me that what I find fun, excellent and tasteful to some it might be bizzare, strange and very odd!

Happy GRIPE everyone!

Tiara Headband with Feathers {ZARA}


Also, you want to know what is NOT a gripe... my girlfriend Emily's cookies!  I got a bag of goodies last night and these 'shoe sugar cookies' were inside as well as a card that said she "made one pair and they were for me".  How sweet is she!  Thanks Emily for cookies they brightened up my holiday!



I came into the office on a dreary Tuesday morning and found that under NEW ITEMS on {ASOS} was this great pink dress!  Typically I don't wear pink (it is just not me) but I fell in love with this dress.  I am already thinking of all the spring and summer functions this dress could be worn too.  To a wedding shower with a great nude espadrille, a barbeque with a fantastic white gladiator sandal, oh the summer dreams I am having even before winter hits!  Too soon to start buying clothes for summer!?

        both dresses are from {ASOS} click {here}                 

And for those of you who just need to have a smile put on your face, here is the trailer for all time girly favorite 'Pretty in Pink'.  In its 1986 theatrical trailer glory.  Enjoy.


Winter Fun...

On Saturday night my girlfriend Angela and her fiancee hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!  I could not have been more thrilled to attend this party as it was my first ugly sweater party.  While shopping in Detroit with the best friend Cindy days previous, we found awesome men's sweater vests.  We then hit up {OldNavy} for some turtlenecks; while trying on clothes out of no where Cindy states that she thinks our sweater vests need mustaches!  I laughed hysterically and said of course let's do it!  And with that said, Carlie aka BRUCE and Cindy aka Wayne attended the festive party.  Suffice to say I think our staches were a hit.  lol
Here are just a few photos from the awesome party, thanks Angela and Dave!