The every changing wardrobe of Pippa Middelton is something that keeps the world on its toes!  Everyday popular websites show you her walking to work.  She must like the attention, cause she never changes her route to avoid the papparazzi.

Here is what she wore everyday going to work last week! hahaha  What I like most about her style, its simple.  Everyone has these pieces or similar things that can be worn in a variety of ways.  Its effortless casual style.  Just like her Royal sister she is an everyday girls girl.

Which look is your favourite?  Mine is the blue coat, I love a great coloured jacket.

Also, the bag she carriers in the first three photos is now available about {TownShoes}, although not sure if there are any left considering {Modalu} the maker of the 'Pippa' bag only had 600 in Canada.  Shout out to  my cousin Sarah who was lucky enough to get her hands on one though!

all Images {imnotobsessed.com}

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