Just Because...

Friends in my Closet has gone on vacation... to Jamaica!!  Family Christmas away is just what I needed!  Back in the New Year, with great style, inspirations, fun things, and most of all another year 'in my closet'.

Thank you for a great past year of loyalty and readership.  Having people come back each day inspires me to keep blogging and try to make this little slice of pie of mine on the big bad internet as amazing as I can. 

Lots of Love



Just Because...

If you can read this.. the world did not end today.. OR... you are the lucky one that survived! hahaha

Happy End of the World Day!  Now back to our regular scheduled program!..lol



DIY nail art is all the rage lately, so why not spruce up your nails with some fun Holiday designs!
On Halloween I did {this} to my nails and got lots of ewwws and awwwss; its a fun way to add some punch to your outfit, or to your sweats if you have been eating lots and lots of turkey and sweets!

The reindeer's are my favourite!

All images via {Pinterest}


Winter Fun...

Although I didn't use my camera much this weekend, here is my weekend in review via the good ole cell phone camera!

My new INC dress I wore to the company Christmas party

a round of cocktails at the Holiday party

Clothing with a message

My fun hat for the 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl

The 'adults' table set for lunch at my mum and dads

Just some food for Family lunch.lol  This is when the dessers came out



The lack of energy post a weekend just JAM-packed with festive fun has left me exhausted, sore feet, one blister, and a scratchy voice and some heck of memories!!!  Now, who doesn't love this time of year?!

So today's post is more style inspiration, because it is the type of day when I don't want to read but to stare at pretty pictures..lol

Could this be the last Monday we ever see?!


Just Because...

I am sure you all have had this kind of week.  Around the end of the year you cannot help but feel like the work weeks stretch to the moon and back and never seem to come to an end.

With this weekend JAM-PACKED with festivus activities I know the FUN-METER will be pushing red and I will sleep when I am dead..lol

This morning, BRIGHT AND EARLY before skating I was watching the news and they shared this viral video, and since when I was half asleep it made me laugh I knew it was a must share.

Enjoy the weekend in 'sweatz' or not!



While doing up what was supposed to be an 'inspiration' post I stumbled upon a TREND that I thought was majorly worth noting; placing your coat 'over your shoulders'. 

What seems to be an "old fashioned" type of wearing is making a huge splash among the important fashion peeps.  So at a party this year or if you live in warmer temps instead of literally wearing your blazer, coats or jackets the usual way let it grace your shoulders.  

What a simple way to look ultra-chic!




This past weekend I had my first Holiday Party!  I decided to sport a HAIR BOW to just be extra festive!
Here are some 'meh' photos that I took.  It was late and I didn't even think to use my 'real' camera..lol

I didn't get the idea from Lady Gaga but from watching Rachel Ray earlier that day!  I put up the video above that is not only good for a chuckle but a GREAT tutorial on how to do it!

I adored this look and it added some great whimsy to my ugly sweater for sure!  I might even do it again this coming weekend for another Holiday Event!



Not having done an inspiration post in a while, I was clearly in need of some inspiration! lol  Here are my favorite street style pics from {TheSartorialist} for you to enjoy today!

If only I could make cold weather dressing this amazing!