airport boot inspiration

airport boot inspiration 

My sister is heading out on boxing day to Whistler, BC with her boyfriend and his family.  lucky duck.  She asked me where to find boots similar to the ones the Gwen wore in my {casual outfit post} from Tuesday for her to wear on her airport visits; so I told her I would get right to work and do a post for her with some choices and prices etc.  So here is what I was able to find.  For all of you who are also interested, click on the picture to find where to buy all these great heeled-boots!   
Glad I could be a source of inspiration!


Happy Gripe Wednesday FimC readers.

Take a look at this shootie, one of a kind no doubt!  Complete with sparkles, a cat, some suede and snake print this shoe has everything rolled into one; Almost like the dumpster of shoes! hahaha The shoe is even named "Irregular Choice Miaow shoe boot with cat motif" I mean, please, enough said. ugh.  
Oh! Should mention, shoe cost is $207 Cdn!!


Hitting the interweb yesterday was the announcement of Lady Gaga gracing the first edition of Vanity Fair 2012.  As a supporter of the Gaga I was immediately in love with the pictures chosen for her spread.  I will for sure being picking up a copy when it hit newsstands.  For those of you who wont be all the pictures are below and this what Vanity Fair said regarding their January issue:

The Lady Is a Vamp

In the {January issue of Vanity Fair}, Lady Gaga poses for Annie Leibovitz and bares her soul to writer Lisa Robinson. But from her first moments as a performer, she’s been posing in outrageous fashions, and baring more than just her soul. Along with top international designers and members of her so-called Haus of Gaga (formerly her ex-boyfriend Matthew Williams, and currently Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti), Gaga has created some of the most memorable looks in pop culture of the past several decades. Here, we’ve cultivated a collection of her greatest hits.




I appreciate the perfect pulled together casual look that can take you from errands to the grocery store and then to lunch.  Here are some of my favourite looks I am currently coveting that I think represent what I am talking about perfectly.

Hopefully  you find inspiration to get out of your yoga pants this weekend and get a little spiffed-up!




 Good Morning FimC peeps!

I had a great weekend taking full advantage of the North of the Border sales happening.  
Are you all shopped out as well?
I was also able to find time to put up my wee-Christmas tree and decorate the house too!  
And above all I went to the PRINCE concert on Friday night with my girlfriend Shannon... and lets just say UNREAL!  There is a reason the man is a legend.  Top 5 concert of all time for sure!
 Now onto today's post!  Enjoy your week everyone!
Trying to find high end items at low end price is something I pride myself on.  So when I came across {this} Charlotte Olympia beret from her ‘Charlotte’s Web’ collection at a price tag of approx $1100 Cdn I knew it was something I wouldn't have.  I searched the net and could not find anything close to it, so I decided to do something I am learning to get better at, DIY.  I got a great beret for $7 at {HM} and then chains from {Michaels} and voila I was set to re-create this hat.  Here is how I did the unthinkable in my world!
Here all the materials you need: beret, chains, pencil and some super glue

Use two different types of chain to add contrast to the web

I didn't have any chalk, so I used push pins to do a temporary layout of where I would glue the chains

Use the pencil or a toothpick to place the glue on the beret to help attach the chains.  Keeps the dollop of glue small.  Be very careful not to get the pencil super glued to your finger like this.  lol

Lay your beret over a bowl.  Since once the hat is on your head it bubbles, the bowl helps give the beret 'give' so the chains lay the proper way once finished.

Keep going!  Your almost done!

dum dum dum... the finished product!

A thousand dollar hat made for under $20, so sweet!!  
Can't wait to put this hat on this season with a great jacket and scarf!


Just Because...

{TIFF Lightbox} here in Toronto is currently showcasing an exhibit on the amazing Grace Kelly.  As part of the exhibit they decided to have a Modern Day Grace Kelly Photo Competition, in which people would submit photos based on their version of what the modern Grace Kelly would be.  The winner gets an all expense paid trip to New York City Fashion Week and two tickets to a Michael Kors show, I knew I had to try and enter.

I had recently purchased a dress from one of my favourite online sites {ASOS} the dress was a knock off of the ERDEM dress Kate Middelton wore on her first state visit to Canada, you can check it out {here}.  I made the purchase to wear to a friends wedding this coming May but knew it would be a perfect fit for this photo entry.

I called up an old girlfriend, Daniela, who also happens to be an EXTREMLY talented photographer (check out her work {here}) and said lets do this together and then cross our fingers and if we win we can hit up NYC together.  Well I didn't have to twist her arm much, I think she was sold at a trip NYC! lol

Last weekend with my nerves a bundle since modeling and 'posing' are not my thing we headed to the {Guelph Youth Music Centre} who let us use their space for the photo shoot, I cannot thank them enough.  I had to do my own hair and makeup since well I am cheap! hahaha

Here are some of my favourite shots Daniela was able to capture of me.  Thank you again Daniela for your direction, your love and guidance, and your belief in me that I could model and channel my inner Grace Kelly, 
I do hope we win as a thank you to you!

For everyone else please click {here} and like our photo to help with our chances of winning.  
 It would be much appreciated! :)


 And this is our entry into the competition.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!


Thank Yous...

In the spirit of American Thanksgiving I thought I would share a few things I am thankful for this upcoming holidays season.  And today being 30 days from Christmas, here are 30 things! :)

my fur-baby Stella
my plastic best friend VISA
the ease of online shopping
my amazing friends most of whom I consider like sisters
my health
my large and amazing family all of the Italian, Irish, Scottish, Canadian and mungie-cake
a man in a  3-piece suit
the trend of platform heels
George Clooney and Vince Vaughn
vino, red, white, rose, sparkling.  In the end does it really matter the colour?
anything with sparkles
great parking spots during busy days
unconditional love
lazy afternoons
finding out I am right
the eternal wisdom of Chelsea Handler
the smell of a home cooked Italian meal
my monthy book club meetings
seeing anyone LIVE and in concert
the only man I really love, TiVo

And especially this year all of you, my blog viewers!

cheers and much love


{ApartmentTherapy} recently complied some style bloggers closets for a post on their blog, click {here} to see it.  I totally wanted to share some of the closets from these young and modern women.  It also got me thinking, I should let you all see my closet.  So over the coming weekend I am going to show you what my closet is all about, so stay tuned for that next week!  How does your closet fair against these ladies?  
 Find any inspiration to add to yours?!

Christene Barberich's closet via New York Times
 Alix's closet via The Cherry Blossom Girl
 Emily's closet from Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
 Jane Aldridge's closet from Rue Magazine via Sea of Shoes
 Susie Bubble's Ikea Stolmen from Style Bubble



This GRIPE of Rosanna Arquette has been circulating the internet since the MOCA event last week when she showed up wearing this polka-dot monstrosity.  This turtle necked John Paul Gautier dress is wrong in sooo many ways!  Not sure how the polka dots in any capacity work like this as a print, the purple line of dots down the front that goes small and gets wider at her legs leaves little to the imagination if you know what I mean.  Then the grey suede boots she wore were the wrong choice for such an awkward dress.  Also, the large blue graphic on her back, ugh, I just cannot figure this one out! lol

Overall this look is a fail, sorry Rosanna, you get an F. On the upside, your hair looked great!



Yesterday I posted what I wore to girl's night {here}; well this is the outfit I had on before anyone came over!  A last minute decision that I was 'too dressy' for the occasion I made a switch quickly!  Because where I took the picture is red this dress look almost pink but let me assure you, this is my little red dress from {Forever21}.  To see where the other little things are from click {here}.



Yesterday I posted on my girls night I hosted last week {here} but what I didn’t post is what I wore!  So this is the outfit I chose to wear out on girl’s night.  Also I should mentioned the weather was so nice no over coat was needed and that made me very happy!


What I Wore: 
blazer- Torrid
shirt- Old Navy
shorts- New Look
tights- Evans
booties- ALDO
necklace- Forever21


Fall Fun...

Well it is Monday and frankly I am Happy About It.  Being sick for the most part of last week I welcome a fresh week and less sniffles.  This week is not nearly as packed with activities as the past one either so I expecting a full speedy recovery!

A couple weekends back I decided to have over some of my closest girlfriends for some champagne, wine, cupcakes, and most importantly some girl chat.  We had a fantastic night and here are some of the great shots from that night.  I am already looking forward to the next time we can all get together!

The entire crew... all in black/white except me :(  Think we all have similar sense of style or what!
 No party is complete without {FRED} wine glass markers.
 I found these great napkins up at my cottage.
A great bouquet from {SweetViolets} and super yummy cupcakes from {WellingtonCakes}

All the girls again!  I changed tops quickly to fit in more with the ladies and their colour scheme.

I was so excited that a few of the ladies allowed pictures to be taken and show case them on the blog!  
Thanks Daniela for taking them!

                       This is Cindy!                                                                          This is Laura!

                            This is Julie!                                                                      This is Angela!