Fall Fun...

Well it is Monday and frankly I am Happy About It.  Being sick for the most part of last week I welcome a fresh week and less sniffles.  This week is not nearly as packed with activities as the past one either so I expecting a full speedy recovery!

A couple weekends back I decided to have over some of my closest girlfriends for some champagne, wine, cupcakes, and most importantly some girl chat.  We had a fantastic night and here are some of the great shots from that night.  I am already looking forward to the next time we can all get together!

The entire crew... all in black/white except me :(  Think we all have similar sense of style or what!
 No party is complete without {FRED} wine glass markers.
 I found these great napkins up at my cottage.
A great bouquet from {SweetViolets} and super yummy cupcakes from {WellingtonCakes}

All the girls again!  I changed tops quickly to fit in more with the ladies and their colour scheme.

I was so excited that a few of the ladies allowed pictures to be taken and show case them on the blog!  
Thanks Daniela for taking them!

                       This is Cindy!                                                                          This is Laura!

                            This is Julie!                                                                      This is Angela! 

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