Just Because...

FimC readers… I have started and stopped this blog post more times then I will admit.
How much do I share?  I hope I don’t over share, but I want to be honest? I never really ‘talk’ about myself, so how will this go over?  All things that I have thought of.

Last week this little ‘ol blog turned two!! 

Yes my blog is the same age as Posh Spices’ daughter and Kate Middleton and Prince William and I share a 2nd anniversary date.  Lol How lucky am I..lol

I started this blog as a creative outlet as most of you know; A place to share my love of clothes, fashion and all other stuff that keeps this brunette haired head turning.  I have shared events of my life; even my friends have come on the roller coaster with me and let me share their lives.  And I am beyond thankful and mystified that hundreds of you check back daily to see what I have to say.  So amazed and flattered by it.

But as this blog now reaches the ‘terrible’ two’s I am struggln’ on where to take it.  I have never shy’ed from the fact that this blog never had any direction. Lol  I mean I had no goals for it, I never wanted to get a book deal or a career in styling from it, and neither have come.  I realize my posts are becoming less frequent and of course the lacks of ‘what I wore’ posts are almost non-existent.  It has not been from a lack of WANTING to post but rather time to post.  As the bloggers reading this know, blogging is a full-time job.  Editorial calendars, brain storming, searching, sourcing are all of the things that go to keep this and all blogs running.  And well, I am lacking time.

Yes it is Summer and that comes with its own social calendar, (you would be amazed what I pack into a week..lol)  I have found a passion in Crossfit and regained that feeling of training like athlete again (I was a Figure Skater for 18 years).  I bought a house and well, it does not decorate, style, clean and maintain itself.

I am simply short on days and time and well, motivation.  No longer in desperate need of a creative outlet, this blog will continue for sure, however at a slower pace.  I say this now, and heck in five months I could be blogging twice a day!  Who knows what lays ahead for me or anyone us, but at this ‘terrible two’ juncture I need this little break.

I need to soak up the sun more, workout more, clean more, walk the dog more and blog less.  I have to not stress about giving you readers fresh content every day.  Cause trust me, I do!  The guilt that you check in everyday and nothing is there or that what I post won’t make the 2 mins you read my blog make you go hmmm fill me with disappointment.

I hope that this slower paced blogging will not deter you from checking in to find out what I have to say or what is happening in the world of fashion, what I am griping about, and of course my red carpet reviews.  And with 100% those will remain! Hahaha

My blog is going thru some growing pains and that is ok.  As I am sure MOST parents would agree, the terrible two’s end and a bright new future is just around the corner.

As I said earlier I struggled to write this, and I thank those who have made it to the end of this open letter.  I thank those that have been loyal with me over these two years.  I am BEYOND thankful for the amazing new friends via twitter and the blog that I can now lean on, confide in and laugh with and hang out with.

This blog has been my vessel of fun for two years and as the ship docks for a bit she will see the sea again. 

Thanks for always having my back in this ‘closet’. 

Now with all that said, continue to be inspired and be inspiring! 


Lots of love





Oh Vera Wang... now that is quite the belt you have there!  The designer sported one heck of an oversized accesory to the M.A.C & SCAD Museum of Art in Paris to the 'Little Black Dress' Exhibit.  She is known to always wear big pieces, it's her thing, but this might be a little overboard.  Who am I kidding it is WAY overboard! 

I am ALWAYS for a large bracelet, a huge hat, but a belt that literally SWALLOWS her up is not good. 
When 'they' say, less is MORE, this is exactly what they are talking about..lol 

Now, if it was a BELT EXHIBIT then this would be 100% amazing! hahahaa

Do you agree with my GRIPE?!

** maybe it could be used as a modern day corset?!!



As you readers know I have moved into my very own house.  And with that came a MAJOR closet purge, still have to much but what can a girl do!  I have purged quite a few bags as you can see!

**ironing board not included..lol

And with that said it is that time of year again for {BigDealToronto} where myself and all the other fabulously curvy bloggers from Toronto and area will be selling our clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags.  Pretty much a free-for-all to raid our closets!  And well we are all biased, but we think we have the best curvy closets going..lol

If you are a size 12+ or even not and want some great bags etc come out to {BigDealToronto} on Sunday July 28th from 2-6pm! This is our {site} follow us on Twitter {here} for updates and Facebook {here}.  We are a 'BIG DEAL' so we are everywhere!  lol

{This} was the event last year, and what I wore {here} to the event last year.

This year will be bigger and better and with more AC than last year!  I cannot wait to meet some of you readers as well as always seeing my fellow blogger ladies!!!  Come shop our closets and hopefully find something great for yours!

This is literally what my blog is about, FRIENDS IN MY CLOSET!!!!



When I am 50/50 on something I turn to this blog to A, vent it and B, get second opions.

The stacked sandal heel is everywhere, and I just can't decided if I love it or don't.  All Spring I saw them popping up but I just could not pull out the visa and make the purchase.  Then I saw {MissLeaAnne} on her blog with a pair of Sam Edelman's and I was like hmmm I do like them!  That is the great thing about the world of blogs it takes one person styling them to perfection that makes my mind up!  Now I am on the hunt for a perfect stacked heel sandal.  Thanks girl!


Just Because...

So with that said, just laugh this weekend.  Laugh lots and laugh often!

Enjoy your weekend.



Pairing unusual items normally means big risk.  You can either nail it or fall on your face.  So why take these fashion risks?!  When I saw this UNUSUAL paring of a denim vest with a full midi skirt I was like WOW, that risk really paid off!  A fantastic pairing these two make.  Seeing this picture on Pinterest yesterday reminded me to take risks with my fashion and not be afraid to fail.  (Says the girl who planned to wear a white and black outfit tomorrow hahaha baby steps)

In the mean time let us all step outside our comfort zones and pair up the unusual and unexpected.  Heck, we dress for ourselves anyways right!



Over the past week of none-blogging I was able to capture a few outfits that I loved and I knew I wanted to share with you all.

Love the look of this backless floral top and that STUNNING mustard pencil skirt.  
This is how fashionable people do dinners/lunch, shit, how they do everything!  
This outfit screams luxurious summer!

Toni Collette makes me want to wear my jumpsuit everywhere.  Simple beachy hair and a great bracelet equals effortless Summer comfort.  Tres chic.

Cameron Diaz wearing this outfit while filming scenes for a movie, and this is the exact look I want to channel up at the beach.  Short shorts, a light-weight knit and barefoot!  Oh! Don't forget the wine, I want a glass of it too!  Hampton's easy breasy look, I will re-create this, it is a MUST!

I mean, puh-lease!  If only EVERYONE dressed up this much for an airport!   The colours are bold and bright yet muted at the same time.  I never would have paired a yellow jacket vest with the baby blue pants, but if I owned any items similar to these I would for sure be wearing them together from now on!  
Which reminds me, I should get a jacket vest asap!

Short-suits are all the rage this summer, and I love navy and even more so a sequin..lol  When Elsa Pataky wore this outfit I was like SCORE, perfection!  Again like all the looks above simple, clean and not over done, just enough.  In the Summer you can NEVER go wrong with toned legs and navy, so get on it ladies!

So those are some of my most favorite looks over the past couple weeks, do you agree?  Let me know, leave me a comment! :)



Ahh.... Back in the office after a long weekend.  Never easy!  And back to blogging after a very distracting couple of weeks (sorry again) not easy.  So I am pulling up my big girl panties and getting it ALL DONE.

When major blogger {Atlantic-Pacific} posted this suit dress a week or so ago I swooned.  My job is not this fashion forward so sadly I would look like a fish out of water wearing it here, but how simple and pulled together is this look!  Simple and clean, no fuss no muss!  Sometimes a simple suit dress is just what the office ordered!  Anyone would slay at the boardroom table in this feminine/masculine look.  Even RAISE worthy!..lol

Happy Tuesday everyone!

But make sure to wear it the proper way or you will end up on the worst dressed list like poor Celine.