Oh Vera Wang... now that is quite the belt you have there!  The designer sported one heck of an oversized accesory to the M.A.C & SCAD Museum of Art in Paris to the 'Little Black Dress' Exhibit.  She is known to always wear big pieces, it's her thing, but this might be a little overboard.  Who am I kidding it is WAY overboard! 

I am ALWAYS for a large bracelet, a huge hat, but a belt that literally SWALLOWS her up is not good. 
When 'they' say, less is MORE, this is exactly what they are talking about..lol 

Now, if it was a BELT EXHIBIT then this would be 100% amazing! hahahaa

Do you agree with my GRIPE?!

** maybe it could be used as a modern day corset?!!

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  1. just imagine if she had breasts.......yikes......