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FimC readers… I have started and stopped this blog post more times then I will admit.
How much do I share?  I hope I don’t over share, but I want to be honest? I never really ‘talk’ about myself, so how will this go over?  All things that I have thought of.

Last week this little ‘ol blog turned two!! 

Yes my blog is the same age as Posh Spices’ daughter and Kate Middleton and Prince William and I share a 2nd anniversary date.  Lol How lucky am I..lol

I started this blog as a creative outlet as most of you know; A place to share my love of clothes, fashion and all other stuff that keeps this brunette haired head turning.  I have shared events of my life; even my friends have come on the roller coaster with me and let me share their lives.  And I am beyond thankful and mystified that hundreds of you check back daily to see what I have to say.  So amazed and flattered by it.

But as this blog now reaches the ‘terrible’ two’s I am struggln’ on where to take it.  I have never shy’ed from the fact that this blog never had any direction. Lol  I mean I had no goals for it, I never wanted to get a book deal or a career in styling from it, and neither have come.  I realize my posts are becoming less frequent and of course the lacks of ‘what I wore’ posts are almost non-existent.  It has not been from a lack of WANTING to post but rather time to post.  As the bloggers reading this know, blogging is a full-time job.  Editorial calendars, brain storming, searching, sourcing are all of the things that go to keep this and all blogs running.  And well, I am lacking time.

Yes it is Summer and that comes with its own social calendar, (you would be amazed what I pack into a week..lol)  I have found a passion in Crossfit and regained that feeling of training like athlete again (I was a Figure Skater for 18 years).  I bought a house and well, it does not decorate, style, clean and maintain itself.

I am simply short on days and time and well, motivation.  No longer in desperate need of a creative outlet, this blog will continue for sure, however at a slower pace.  I say this now, and heck in five months I could be blogging twice a day!  Who knows what lays ahead for me or anyone us, but at this ‘terrible two’ juncture I need this little break.

I need to soak up the sun more, workout more, clean more, walk the dog more and blog less.  I have to not stress about giving you readers fresh content every day.  Cause trust me, I do!  The guilt that you check in everyday and nothing is there or that what I post won’t make the 2 mins you read my blog make you go hmmm fill me with disappointment.

I hope that this slower paced blogging will not deter you from checking in to find out what I have to say or what is happening in the world of fashion, what I am griping about, and of course my red carpet reviews.  And with 100% those will remain! Hahaha

My blog is going thru some growing pains and that is ok.  As I am sure MOST parents would agree, the terrible two’s end and a bright new future is just around the corner.

As I said earlier I struggled to write this, and I thank those who have made it to the end of this open letter.  I thank those that have been loyal with me over these two years.  I am BEYOND thankful for the amazing new friends via twitter and the blog that I can now lean on, confide in and laugh with and hang out with.

This blog has been my vessel of fun for two years and as the ship docks for a bit she will see the sea again. 

Thanks for always having my back in this ‘closet’. 

Now with all that said, continue to be inspired and be inspiring! 


Lots of love


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