Are you a football fan? Is your significant other one?  No matter the answer to that question if this coming Sunday you are going/being dragged to a Superbowl party show up looking super duper awesome!!!

Let us begin.  Two teams are playing, Denver Broncos (the horses) and the Seattle Seahawks (the birds).  Both teams base colour is navy and no doubt you already have that in your closet.  Add a splash of orange or green pending the team that you like or being forced to like and you are set!

Each team below has two looks, both paired with jeans, cause duh it is a sports game.  The one on the left is the 'casual' look, and the other is the dream world outfit I live in if a Superbowl party came with canapes instead of buffalo wings, and champagne instead of canned beer.  I am a football fan but a girl can dream can't she! hahahha

Into that closet you go, and take these looks as some inspiration to be the BEST DRESSED fan at the Superbowl party you are going too!  Fashion game faces on ladies, it is the Super Bowl after all!



Today marks 30 days until my annual SKI BUNNY WEEKEND with some girlfriends.  I await this weekend each winter as it seems to be the only thing I enjoy about the later part of Winter.  I am currently ready for Spring and chirping birds, but with Bunny weekend as we endearingly call it on the horizon, I pull down the toque and the boots up and charge thru!

Now I may be a skier (it is making a come back I tell  ya ;) ) deep in my heart I am always jealous of the amazing fashions that snowboarder ladies have that us skiers don't have.  And not to mention they can walk in their boots!! hahaha  So when Burton paired up with Manitobah Mukluks and designed a snowboarding mukluk my jealously soared again! hahaha

So BOARD BUNNIES, add these to your hillside essentials this winter, and make the rest of us waiting in line with you at the chair lift green with envy!  With the tradition of mukluks and Burton behind the boot you know it will be top notch!  I bet you may even board better! lol

To purchase them online go to {manitobah.ca} for $279 CAD.


Event Clothing... Golden Globed 2014

Here we are.. first blog post of 2014... a long time coming....

So before getting into all the little things happening with me, or the things I would like to GRIPE about, or the MUST HAVE FINDS we shall begin with a bang, GOLDEN GLOBE red carpet review!!!

Drum roll please... and we are off!

Alison Williams in Alexander McQueen was boring for me.  She has an incredible body and has worn some great pieces so this was just boring and safe for me.  It is TV's biggest night, bring out the big guns.  Side note, GIRLS is back and I am BEYOND happy about it!

Amber Heard, WOW... stunning!  That midnight blue was radiant.  Now granted you may be looking at this picture and thinking I am smoking something but perhaps this wasn't the most flattering angle, but va va voom!

Aubrey Plaza did what I love, took a chance in Oscar de la Renta!  Purple, lilac and pink, so fresh!  Also, this is the first sighting of the trend of the night, the modified hem line showing the shoes.  Aside from being pregnant this was the top trend of the carpet.

And speaking of pregnant and hemlines, Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuiller.  It is not my favorite but could have been a lot worse.  Let's just say she wears that pregnant glow amazingly well.

My girl, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.  Sadly this was not thrilling.  This girl has way my sartorial class than most and this dress was average.  It is already being mocked all over the internet with duvets and electrical tape.  I am hoping she played this down so her Oscar dress will seem UNREAL.  Fingers crossed.

Ever the classic Julia Roberts in Dolce and Gabbana.  Effortless and timeless is what this look was.  Ageless perhaps.  Her makeup was fantastic, a nice dark eye.

Julianna Margulies in Andrew Gn knocked my socks off.  The proportions and the deep V, thumbs up!

Julie Bowen in Carolina Herrera left me perplexed.  This is when a tiny petite girl gets her proportions wrong.  The sleeves were too big for her frame, but A++ for the colours and the velvet.  Stunning dress just maybe not for her.

Newlywed funny gal Kaley Cuoco in this printed Rani Zakhem was a beautiful sight!  I loved it, classic feminine beauty with a twist.  Also look closely she did a great GREEN eye makeup that brought out the subtly hues of the dress. 

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad proving she is still the sex pot with the mostest.  Fun fact!  The zipper in the dress broke in the limo and she was late on arrival to the carpet and she had to be sewn into this super tight dress... imagine what happens when she has to pee...lol

Pregnant Kerry Washington in a custom Balenciaga was gorgeous.  She let the bump to do all the talking!

IT girl Lena Dunham in the amazingly bright Zac Posen is her stepping up her carpet game!  The corset work on Posen's dresses are magical, and it worked its magic on her curves.  She is getting hit hard in the press with thumbs down but I really do/did like it.

Proving the peplum is here to stay Leslie Mann wore Dolce and Gabbana and she wore it well.  Always a lady she is.

Melissa McCarthy in her own design left me going.. ugh why!  Love her, love her choices 90% of the time but this dress was too much fabric for me.  Just felt she could have done better than a graduation gown with a fancy drapey scarf.

My new obsession Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta.  The colour was too muted for me but the dress flatters her sooo well.  *trend alert

Resse Witherspoon is a sporty femme fatale in this dress.  This Calvin Klein dress colour is a stand out.

Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung is in my top picks.  It was just so different! *trend alert

Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen was meh.  However, that necklace, I die!  The necklace canceled out my lack luster appeal of the dress.

At first glance I thought Tina Fey's dress was a flamingo pattern and I was THRILLED, cause how awesome would that be.  Then I noticed it was flowers, boo ..lol  But really, great dress!

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta gets major major fashion props for making a crop top acceptable for black tie fare.  Hello who does that!  Love this girl!  *trend alert

Elizabeth Moss in J Mendal was amazing!  This is in my very top favorites.  Sexy, feminine, daring and yet that cranberry colour is so classic.  Hands down a winner for sure!  *trend alert

Now Emma Watson in Dior is getting mixed reviews.  This twenty year old pushed the envelope and I LOVED it!  How daring yet classic is this apron dress with pants!  She makes me want to rip the back out of a dress and rock this all summer long!  I would totally suggest this outfit for a wedding guest this Summer... knock out.

SHOCKINGLY not getting much attention is Lizzy Caplan in Emillio Pucci.  The lines of the gold beading is an amazing silhouette.

Ok, confession time.  I have no clue who this is, or what she is wearing, but that blue is gorgeous!  Makes me think my closet needs more robins egg blue in it!  *trend alert

Lupita Nyong'o  in Ralph Lauren.  Although she looked amazing, that skin, all I thoguht is Gwenyth did it before.

Margot Robbie in Oscar de le Renta was breathtaking.  Something about emerald green and white is always amazing.  Loved her shoes!  Oh ps, you HAVE to go see Wolf on Wall Street, it is vulgar and long but 100% amazing!

IF I am ever pregnant I want to be completely in cased in green sequins.  I am officially jealous of a pregnant lady! Oliva Munn made everyone green with envy in this Gucci dress.

Rashida Jones in this super unique Fatso Puglisi dress made me realize that no matter the event her personality will shine.  An unusual choice but it works!

Well I think that post went well... the 2014 Friends in my Closet blogging has begun!!!  Hope you liked my picks, if you did or didn't leave a comment below!  Chat on Facebook and Tweet me!!!

Love you all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!