Today marks 30 days until my annual SKI BUNNY WEEKEND with some girlfriends.  I await this weekend each winter as it seems to be the only thing I enjoy about the later part of Winter.  I am currently ready for Spring and chirping birds, but with Bunny weekend as we endearingly call it on the horizon, I pull down the toque and the boots up and charge thru!

Now I may be a skier (it is making a come back I tell  ya ;) ) deep in my heart I am always jealous of the amazing fashions that snowboarder ladies have that us skiers don't have.  And not to mention they can walk in their boots!! hahaha  So when Burton paired up with Manitobah Mukluks and designed a snowboarding mukluk my jealously soared again! hahaha

So BOARD BUNNIES, add these to your hillside essentials this winter, and make the rest of us waiting in line with you at the chair lift green with envy!  With the tradition of mukluks and Burton behind the boot you know it will be top notch!  I bet you may even board better! lol

To purchase them online go to {manitobah.ca} for $279 CAD.

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