Are you a football fan? Is your significant other one?  No matter the answer to that question if this coming Sunday you are going/being dragged to a Superbowl party show up looking super duper awesome!!!

Let us begin.  Two teams are playing, Denver Broncos (the horses) and the Seattle Seahawks (the birds).  Both teams base colour is navy and no doubt you already have that in your closet.  Add a splash of orange or green pending the team that you like or being forced to like and you are set!

Each team below has two looks, both paired with jeans, cause duh it is a sports game.  The one on the left is the 'casual' look, and the other is the dream world outfit I live in if a Superbowl party came with canapes instead of buffalo wings, and champagne instead of canned beer.  I am a football fan but a girl can dream can't she! hahahha

Into that closet you go, and take these looks as some inspiration to be the BEST DRESSED fan at the Superbowl party you are going too!  Fashion game faces on ladies, it is the Super Bowl after all!

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