In just seven days my best friend Cindy and I are heading out on our '30th Birthday' trip!  Yes our birthdays were in April, but we needed just the right time to head away.  We are checking out New Orleans and Washington, DC, we are both pretty pumped!!!

Now a constant struggle is what to wear while on a plane.  Yes the comfy lulu's or the trackers are always a great comfy choice however I always want to put my best foot forward, and sometimes wearing an outfit on the plane eases on packing.  And {Tim Gunn} says we must dress up, so I guess we MUST!

Below are a variety of outfits I could wear, and like I said earlier will also double for sight seeing outfits.  I am leaning towards to the far right, sweater tank option.  Layering is key for planes since you never know if you will be freezing or boiling.

What are your thoughts?  Do you dress up for flights?  Is the art of airport fashion dead?
Love to hear your opinion!


Event Clothing... 2013 Emmy Red Carpet

I might have taken a holiday from blogging, but when it comes to red carpet reviews how could I not break the silence and do my review!

Major themese of the night were:
minimal jewellery
coloum, body hugging silouttes
and BOX CLUTCHES!!!!  yes, I am serious, box clutches were the BIG reoccurring trend of the night.  So next time you go to grab an evening bag make sure it is a boxed one.  The red carpet said so..lol

To do something different going to start with my pick for least favorite!  Why not!  Keep you on your toes!

Drum roll....... bum bum bum bum... my 2013 Emmy red carpet review!

 Carrie Underwood in Romona Keveza looked like she was 16 and going to prom. UGH!  What were you thinking!!!!  She was performing, not nominated, felt with zero pressure she can could have taken a WAY bigger risk then a traditional prom dress.  The Y necklace although nice just added the prom vibe.  Now, that necklace with a plugging neckline, winner.  
Sorry Carrie, but you are my least favourite.

Zosia Mamet from GIRLS in an Honor dress was amazing.  LOVED the risk, the pattern.  Where it fell short for me was the black bra part; t looked like a censorship bar if you know what I mean.  If that was gone, legit, this would have been my favorite of the night.  But even with that said, I still LOVE IT!

Favorite to win, yet didn't Kerry Washington in Marchesa was super feminine.  I thought it looked beautiful, something a grown up fairy would wear.  People magazine just named her best dressed of 2013 and it is well deserved.  *please note this is the first appearance of the box clutch..lol

Michele Dockery in Prada.  Now this is modern and contemporary.  The rust coloured in two tones was so fresh.  She pushed the envelope and won. *box clutch

Tina Fey in Narcisco Rodriguez, was making everyone blue with envy.  I however, not so much.  I couldn't help shake that she reminded me of superman.  Seriously, I couldn't think of anything else.  Perhaps if there was some flare, a  bigger bracelet, hair up, a larger earring it would have offset my feelings.  I hope no smurfs or superman capes were harmed in the making of this dress.

Well the buxom babe has done it AGAIN.. a mermaid dress.  Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang stuck to the silhouette she does best, boobs out, and skin tight.  Guess don't fix what isn't broken?  She said on the red carpet she was wearing Kmart undergarments.  I am driving to the nearest Kmart if they have undergarments that can me look like that I tell ya.

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men in a black lace Christian Siriano gown.  This was safe for her, but still super elegant.  *box clutch

Taylor Schilling in Thakoon was that California beachy cool surfer chick vibe.  Very sexy, very edgy.  She pushed the modern red carpet boundaries and succeeded.  *box clutch

Zooey Deschanel always wears something super girly but this J. Mendel powder blue column dress was sexy for her.  The tosseled tresses added to its appeal.  Our little Zooey is growing up; until you see her mani and it has little mustaches on it.  Guess not fully grown up! lol  *box clutch

I love me some Lena Dunham, I appreciate she wears what she wants!  This floral print dress was unreal!  She is getting some flack for it in the press, but hello, look at her! It is unlike anything else and that is what makes it amazing.  I also could not starring at her yes.  Great dramatic eye with the green.  
Ahh.. Dunham in Prada makes me happy.

Connie Britton in a Naeen Khan velvet gown did NOTHING for me.  Not the worst but too much a good thing.  The gold on the dress, the stacked arm candy, the gold on the nails, the gold *box clutch, all too much gold.  Wait, did I just say you can have too much gold?! I shouldn't have stopped blogging.  
So, correction, never too much gold! lol

Plain and simple was January Jones in Givenchy.  Pretty but nothing to write about.

Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn in a pale pink and black lace Romona Keveza gown was sexy and classy. 
*box clutch

Elisabeth Moss in Andrew Gn was my super awesome pick of the night.  And sadly this picture does NOT due it any justice.  Complete sequins from head to two!  Classic, modern, colour on trend, simple and timeless.  Amazing.  *box clutch

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Monique Lhuiller was oozing amazing.  This dress must have weighed a ton!  Again this picture does not due it justice.  Those were all individual beads.  Classic lines, simple hair down, she let the gown speak for itself.  *box clutch

 Julianne Hough took a risk and this twenty-something year old lady rocked it!  In Jenny Packham dress she was young and sexy.  The pale grey almost mint green colour was effortless. 
 Oh to be 25 again and wear this! *box clutch

Julie Bowen, the 80's called and they want their Zac Posen peach dress back.  Julie loves some dress drama but this had too much going on for me. *box clutch

I want this dress.  Burgundy, sexy and classy was this Vera Wang dress Kaley Cuoco wore.  
Bang on.  No pun intended.  *box clutch

This is an illusion dress!  I didn't even notice on the red carpet the bottom was see-thru! Leslie Mann in J. Mendel was super sexy.  That is one hot mama! *box clutch

My girl crush Mindy Kaling slayed in this Georges Chakra dress.  Best part was that amazing neckline.  What  you can't see here is that is was identical on the back.  Beautiful.  Also note that this sleeve length is back in style!  *box clutch

 Robin Wright in a sleek and modern Ralph Lauren dress was everything a sexy and sophisticated woman should wear.  A++

Our Canadian girl Jessica Pare wore Oscar de la Renta.  Great choice, but the shoes, snooze fest.  She could have done with a WAY better shoe choice.  And pockets, this trend not over yet?

Speaking of snooze fests, Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren.  Miss Allison, you are on a top hit show about GIRLS wear something fun, adventurous this was just BORING.  

That is my review.  Hope you laughed, hope I didn't make you cry.  And for heaven's sake, if I didn't drive home the BOX CLUTCH trend you should really read this post again!