Just Because...

And VOILA it is Friday!

Suddenly all the stress of the work week vanishes and we all become ready for the weekend and our events!
Now just don't click those heels three times or Monday will come back!!! hahaha

Enjoy your weekend!



It might be that all I am thinking of lately is the new house and how often I can sprinkle some cottage weekends into there.  I am also checking out sites like {Anthropologie} daily for fun things for the new house and inspiration.

So when {Anthropologie} posted these luxurious sleeping bags I was like WHAT?!?!!  Ah-Mazing!  Then I thought, I do not do glam-ping, but if I did THIS would be the sleeping bag I bring with me.  Could you imagine, no running water, mosquitos but going to sleeping in this thing!  Please, waking up on the ground would be blissful in this sleeping bag.  Now if only there was like a great pillow top mattress under it too, but you get my point!

All you ladies out there who's significant other wants them to go camping this summer and you are protesting your hate, say to them, 'Ok, I will go, but ONLY if you buy me the Florabunda sleeping bag darling'.  Perfect.

Happy Camping!



When I say I golf and love it, doesn't mean I am the greatest at it.  I mean let's get real!  I play under ten times a year (I would play more if my girlfriends golfed.. ahem ladies!) so I am not joining the PGA tour anytime soon, or challenging Tiger for any titles.  However, I LOVE IT.  Something about the challenge, the open courses, and the beer.  HELLO!  Sports are all better if you can drink while playing them!..lol

This week in my email {Kate Spade} announced there were launching a tongue and cheek golf accessories collection, my inner golfer girl squealed!  Would that amazing golf ball necklace improve my game?  Does the old adage, if you look good you play good?  Dress for the game you want to win ring true?  As much as I want to try it all out, sadly with the new house these golf trinkets will only be a figment of my imagination.

I will continue to strut my butt around the course, hit my balls, putt for the win all while imagine that I am carrying a {Kate Spade} tote bag with me.  lol Cause a girl can dream!  And Tiger, I got you next year!



Looking at red carpet photos of the {CFDA Awards} (the OSCARS of the Fashion world) I was horrified when this picture of what Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge wore.

And now we GRIPE!

This outfit is from {The Row} which is the high end exclusive line designed my the Olson twins.

Is it just me or does it look like she should be walking around the house with a towel on her head!  The whole outfit from the column dress, which looks like a towel, and the shoes, which look like modern day fuzzy bedroom sex slippers, makes me GRIPE.
The whole look was too 'retro housewife' and less 'I am a model wearing amazingly expensive clothes, jealous much?!'
I know sometimes we all get it wrong, I am the first to admit some days are sub par, but when your outfit looks like a costume it is all wrong, and worthy of a GRIPE!

Do you agree?  Am I the only one that sees a towel and post shower look to this outfit?
Let me know!

Happy GRIPE!!!



Time of a WIW post curtosey of Cindy!!!   
This is what she wore to our friends wedding a few weeks ago.  I LOVE the mix of coral and mint, it is perfect and fresh for this time of year!
 Wearing RW&CO dress | Aldo shoes | Kennedy Park necklace | Old Navy earrings

 And finally, set the timer and RUN!  A picture of both of us at the wedding! #bff


Just Because...

Well as I mentioned {here} I recently bought my first house! YEAH ME!  Now with that said, this week on the blog there will be no posts... I just can't unpack a house, work, do crossfit, head to the lake to row, channel my inner zen with yoga and then head to the beach for a bachlorette weekend AND BLOG! hahaha  So something had to go! 

Sadly there will be no Friends in my Closet this week :( 
On the upside!  Lots of fun posts coming next week, including, Cindy in a GORGEOUS coral dress for WIW, my new CLOSET, which I am sure will make a few of you envious (it is small but mighty) and of course I hope to share everything else happening in my life as always!

Thanks for always checking in, but please, enjoy the next week without me..lol...
Catch ya next week!