When I say I golf and love it, doesn't mean I am the greatest at it.  I mean let's get real!  I play under ten times a year (I would play more if my girlfriends golfed.. ahem ladies!) so I am not joining the PGA tour anytime soon, or challenging Tiger for any titles.  However, I LOVE IT.  Something about the challenge, the open courses, and the beer.  HELLO!  Sports are all better if you can drink while playing them!..lol

This week in my email {Kate Spade} announced there were launching a tongue and cheek golf accessories collection, my inner golfer girl squealed!  Would that amazing golf ball necklace improve my game?  Does the old adage, if you look good you play good?  Dress for the game you want to win ring true?  As much as I want to try it all out, sadly with the new house these golf trinkets will only be a figment of my imagination.

I will continue to strut my butt around the course, hit my balls, putt for the win all while imagine that I am carrying a {Kate Spade} tote bag with me.  lol Cause a girl can dream!  And Tiger, I got you next year!

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