It might be that all I am thinking of lately is the new house and how often I can sprinkle some cottage weekends into there.  I am also checking out sites like {Anthropologie} daily for fun things for the new house and inspiration.

So when {Anthropologie} posted these luxurious sleeping bags I was like WHAT?!?!!  Ah-Mazing!  Then I thought, I do not do glam-ping, but if I did THIS would be the sleeping bag I bring with me.  Could you imagine, no running water, mosquitos but going to sleeping in this thing!  Please, waking up on the ground would be blissful in this sleeping bag.  Now if only there was like a great pillow top mattress under it too, but you get my point!

All you ladies out there who's significant other wants them to go camping this summer and you are protesting your hate, say to them, 'Ok, I will go, but ONLY if you buy me the Florabunda sleeping bag darling'.  Perfect.

Happy Camping!

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