Looking at red carpet photos of the {CFDA Awards} (the OSCARS of the Fashion world) I was horrified when this picture of what Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge wore.

And now we GRIPE!

This outfit is from {The Row} which is the high end exclusive line designed my the Olson twins.

Is it just me or does it look like she should be walking around the house with a towel on her head!  The whole outfit from the column dress, which looks like a towel, and the shoes, which look like modern day fuzzy bedroom sex slippers, makes me GRIPE.
The whole look was too 'retro housewife' and less 'I am a model wearing amazingly expensive clothes, jealous much?!'
I know sometimes we all get it wrong, I am the first to admit some days are sub par, but when your outfit looks like a costume it is all wrong, and worthy of a GRIPE!

Do you agree?  Am I the only one that sees a towel and post shower look to this outfit?
Let me know!

Happy GRIPE!!!

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  1. Agreed! The kimono-esque look here isn't working! The way the material hangs...too thick for the design? There are certainly more flattering options! I like the shoes, but for a totally different look!