Good Morning FimC peeps!

I had a great weekend taking full advantage of the North of the Border sales happening.  
Are you all shopped out as well?
I was also able to find time to put up my wee-Christmas tree and decorate the house too!  
And above all I went to the PRINCE concert on Friday night with my girlfriend Shannon... and lets just say UNREAL!  There is a reason the man is a legend.  Top 5 concert of all time for sure!
 Now onto today's post!  Enjoy your week everyone!
Trying to find high end items at low end price is something I pride myself on.  So when I came across {this} Charlotte Olympia beret from her ‘Charlotte’s Web’ collection at a price tag of approx $1100 Cdn I knew it was something I wouldn't have.  I searched the net and could not find anything close to it, so I decided to do something I am learning to get better at, DIY.  I got a great beret for $7 at {HM} and then chains from {Michaels} and voila I was set to re-create this hat.  Here is how I did the unthinkable in my world!
Here all the materials you need: beret, chains, pencil and some super glue

Use two different types of chain to add contrast to the web

I didn't have any chalk, so I used push pins to do a temporary layout of where I would glue the chains

Use the pencil or a toothpick to place the glue on the beret to help attach the chains.  Keeps the dollop of glue small.  Be very careful not to get the pencil super glued to your finger like this.  lol

Lay your beret over a bowl.  Since once the hat is on your head it bubbles, the bowl helps give the beret 'give' so the chains lay the proper way once finished.

Keep going!  Your almost done!

dum dum dum... the finished product!

A thousand dollar hat made for under $20, so sweet!!  
Can't wait to put this hat on this season with a great jacket and scarf!

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  1. Honestly this is amazing..... I guess we'll both have this hat(hehehehe) I can also see myself gluing my finger to the pencil lol. Across the border shopping is all I do!! (penny and dollar sales at Walden Gal... like duhhh)

    Great post Carlie!