A while back I posted some fashion bloggers closets from {ApartmentTherapy} that did a review on them, you can see them {here}.  I promised you readers I would showcase my closet; so finally the laundry is all done and this is what my closet looks like.

I am blessed to have a walk-in at my house, so come on in!

This is the left side and the right side of my walk-in.

Here on the left I keep all my fold-ables. Some things you may notice:
a)I keep a shopping bag on the shelf to put clothes I try on and no longer want, helps make it easier come closet cleaning time.
b) I store my hats all ontop of eachother to help condense space and keep their shape
c) I keep regular t-shirts, all tanks, linen shirts, workout clothes, and sleepwear each in their own cubbie.  Helps me go to exactly what I need a lot easier
d) keep all belts together and then all my leather gloves together ontop of the cubbies

Working its way into my dress collection on the far right  side. Its quite a LARGE collection of dresses.  I keep them in colour order as you can kinda tell.  So it goes all LBD, then grey dresses, blue dresses, green, coral/red dresses and I ended in sequins!  Ontop of the dresses is my denim collection.

This is a close  up picture of my dress/work shirts.  Again, all colour coordinated for ease of dressing in the morning or at any time really.  Always think BROYGBV; black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet!

Hope you enjoyed the walk around my closet! And the look into a space I spend a good chunk of time, IN, CLEANING, and ADDING too!

ps... If you have a great closet let me know, I would love to feature it!  
I mean the blog is all about FRIENDS and CLOSETS!!!  :)

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