Fall Fun...

So what did you do this weekend?  You ask what did I do? Well, Friday night I modeled at the {National Women's Show} no biggie! 
AS IF!!! 
This was huge deal for me.  New to this whole modelling thing, to have this opportunity was amazing.  I modeled dresses for {Rent Frock Repeat} an online dress rental retailer that I also did their National plus-size campaign for.  Log in and you can see me in all their dress options!  They do all sizes, 2-24, so if you are Canadian you MUST try out their services it is such a great alternative for events!  All their dresses are STUNNING!  For the rest of you, just search for a company in your country that does the same thing.

Kristy and Lisa, thank you over and over again for this opportunity.  I had an absolute blast and I received so many compliments post show I was flattered to represent your brand.  And shout out to my Mum and Aunt in the crowd who's big smiles made me feel so comfortable as I strutted my stuff.  And trust me everyone.. I STRUTTED!!! hahaha  Also thanks to Mum for taking these pictures to share with you all!

the stage!

look #1

look #2

my final look and also my FAVORITE dress!


  1. As always, you look fabulous Carlie! :D You look like you totally *owned* that catwalk!

    Am sorry I missed watching this. I was at the MTCC on Friday too, but for the SCCTO conference...