Today's DIY post is a great addition to any closet.  Either you have plastic hangers or wire ones (I shutter at the thought) or you are lucky enough to have poofy lace covered ones;  I am not that lucky.  And sometimes they don't have the little hooks for holding stuff up, why they all don't I will never know. 
A great tip is take some yarn and wrap it around, a touch of glue at start and finish will help keep the yarn in place.  This will help all those silky items, skinny straps stay in place and not fall of the hangers!

You can add bold colours like the picture below or do something sleek like black on white hangers or monochromatic, green hangers, green yarn.  So many choices!!  Plus look at the fun added to your closet with some colour!

DIY those hangers people!


  1. Love it! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Donna Penrith

  2. These remind me of the hangers my grandma used to make, that are STILL the only ones that actually hang clothes in my closet.

    LOVE the pop of colour in these ones though!!