Just Because...


Today marks the beginning of our Canadian Thanksgiving, so I thought it was only fitting that A, I scream joy because it is a long weekend and I need some rest and then B, make mention of all the things I am thankful for.  

My family
Friends.. all of you.  Would be lost without your love and laughter
my pup Stella for always providing the best cuddles
a secure job that funds my passions of travel and outoutrageous activities
comfortable fall footwear.. aka flat boots
this blog and all you viewers for allowing me this creative outlet; And for some reason caring what I have to say each and everyday you visit it
pumpkin spice lattes
sequins and all things that shine
wine and champange
Joe Manganiello, he provides me with the best eye candy
and of course have to thank technology.  With the ipod, the blackberry that laptop etc that all help my days go round and round (superficial thank you, but you all know they are life lines)
my post(man/woman) for always delivering my online shopping purchases  lol there are lots!

and most of all I am thankful for all the coming days, cause who knows what is around the corner

Spend time with your families this weekend, relax and most of all just be thankful for what little or lots you have in your life.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Carlie!