Fall Fun...

Oh Monday's  you come so soon! 
Friday night was {Oktoberfest} and it already seems like so long ago!  My friends and I laughed our petunia's off!!  We sang, danced, drank and most of all made memories.  A perfect Friday evening.

While the rest of my weekend was quite relaxing a trip to the movies to see {Pitch Perfect} on Saturday evening had me howling at the screen!!  I cannot wait to watch it again, it was super funny.

I love when I can laugh an entire weekend away!  Here are just a couple pictures from Friday night.
Laughter is by far the best medicine.


a close up of the epaulette detailing of my shirt.  Got it {here}

chicken dance time!

my girls dressed right up in their fancy dirndls

dear friend Julia is a knock out in her khaki ensemble!

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