My girlfriend Corrine of {MommyinDubai} asked me for some wedding guest styling advice.  She has a swanky wedding to attend next month in Austria and needed some help.  Corrine just gave birth to her second baby, a little boy named Nate less than a month ago!  So when I was selecting some looks I wanted to keep in mind that her body is still going thru some changes and she is still breastfeeding, so I wanted the dresses to move and be comfortable.  A wedding as we all know is a long day and with two kids on her side nothing is better than comfort.  All the dresses I picked are from {ASOS}, I chose this site cause I can pick all the dresses I want from Canadian stores but if she can't access them in Dubai this post is useless!  So if she loves one of them she can easily order and voila she is set to go!  Now with that said, these dresses would work for EVERYONE for a wedding guest not just a post baby body.

All the dresses I chose were long, fancy and summer weddings you can do long dresses.  Not to mention if running after her 3yr old Ruby in heels is tricky she can switch to a great flat embellished sandal and no one would be the wiser! lol

Pick #1 is this great side wrapped navy dress.  Gorgeous on her, she's a blonde.  Paired with some pastel accessories is a great way to jazz up a basic dress.


#2 is an amazing one shoulder dress.  The print is great and the vibe is very Mediterranean/middle eastern.  Hey, she lives in Dubai, embrace it!
one shoulder...

#3 the red stunner.  Classy, understated yet bold.  This dress has lots of room to move and would be super comfortable.  Paired with all black jewels would make this out perfect.
red dress

#4.. some pop!  This colour is amazing!  With the embellished top it is very fancy.  Perfect for a posh wedding.  I would pair with a nude shoe because I don't want anything distracting from the top which is the main feature of course.
Green Dress

#5..  Black and white is EVERYWHERE.  There is a reason it never goes out of style.  This dress would hide anything she doesn't want out on display.  Additions of the blue POP add a little fun.  The knee high slit is sexy but not too sexy for a wedding.
black and white.

Corrine,  I hope you get inspired by these choices.  Out of these five you would look amazing in ANY of them!  You will find something for this wedding and you will knock their socks off.  Nothing better than being the best dressed wedding guest!..lol

Also, Moms out there, go check out her blog, always fun, crafty and useful tips!!

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