Sometimes I see something and I am like huh, I like it but I don't like it.  When I recently came across pictures of the Kardashian sisters at event I spotted Kourtney (on left) wearing some sort of ankle accessories.  I know she has had no run ins with the law (pop culture junkie) so it wasn't for police reasons..lol  Then I thought is it a little belt? A watch?  Either way I was thinking I kinda liked it.  Next time I wear some crop pants out I will consider adorning my ankles with something MUCH larger than anklet.  Why not I guess right?  It is a 50/50 split either I love this or I am not for it.  Will people assume I am out on probation and wearing a police monitoring system, or am I just super amazing for thinking/copying this?

Plus why not dress up our ankles with some chunky jewellery right, they always get left out!

Time will tell.  FYI, I will totally do a WIW post wearing a watch, if I can get in on and it fits.  I have NEVER measured my ankles! hahaha

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  1. Looks like it might be her shoes as her other ankle has part of a white buckle visible. But I say try a bulky (sort of) anklet anyway. It would prolly be fun.