Event Clothing... Met Gala 2013

The theme was punk!  A quirky theme for the Met Gala that was held last night.  Honoring all fashions that are punk and raising money at the same time brought out the whos who of celebrities and models.  Think high fashion mixed with spikes, quilt pins, plaid, leather more leather, and lots of eye liner!  Some took major risks and went all out (isn't fashion all about taking risks anyways) some played it super safe.  Some didn't dress with the theme others took it over the top!  Being punk is about being yourself, making a statement, ANYTHING GOES.

Here is my review!

Model Cara Delevingne went punk with a with spikes EVERYWHERE.  
Only thing I don't support the white clutch.

Sweet but with some edge was Michele Williams.  Love the book clutch, a great way to add some umpf to a simple black dress.

 Well well well, Anne Hathaway is a bombshell in platinum blonde.  I LOVE IT!!!  Not sure about the feather cuffs but love the dress on her.

Madonna is someone who you can say took the theme literally.  Well, not at all my fav of the night's punk looks but she committed to the look! lol  However, I want those legs!

Taylor swift needed some Moroccan Oil for the friz.  The hair choice I don't get.  Thought this outfit would have looked great with a slicked back pony.  Cutouts on the dress are great though.

Nina Dobrev looked stunning last night.  So edgy!  
The pantsuit with a skirt was a perfect way to show a little sass!

Well Miley.... you too PUNK and made in 90's grunge.  
Hardly the same thing but she very much committed..lol 
She reminds me of Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries or she should be in a Prodgy music video! lol

Floral is in.  But the gloves and matching shoes?! Not so sure.  Loved Kim Kardashian's hair and lipstick.  But, you know this outfit was approved by some high fashion people so if they approve I approve..lol

Alicia Keys in leather and sequins and cutouts.  Overall decent but safe.

Well hello Ms. Gisele Bundchen making punk her slave last night.  Not the spikes on the shoes!

Oh Gwyneth,  you have the body of the Gods, you have amazing fashion sense, so WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!  Ugh.  This is my worst dressed pick of the night.  Just ugh.  
Something a grandma would wear.  sucks. lol

Almost didn't recognize Ashley Greene with the dark hair!  Loved this look! Brocade gets me everytime.   Almost regal punk if it existed..lol

Leave it to the fashion master Sarah Jessica Parker to make punk HIGH FASHION.  The Phillip Tracey head piece of a mohawk was enough to get me to adore it.  But the plaid thigh high boots with the skirt, I mean please.  Carrie Bradshaw never fails.

Co-chair of the night Beyonce also went with gloves, thigh high boots and brocade.  Ummm I am undecided on this look.  Lots going on, not sure what to focus on.  Good effort but not in my top 10.

Kristin Stewart meets Joan Jett, meets androgyny and punk all in one paint suit.  Loved the colour!

 Elizabeth Banks I would like to borrow this when your done!  lol  Gold menswear, I am in!

Cameron Diaz, I get it but I don't get it.  Make sense.  LOVE the colour the belt.  Hey, I normally fawn over a cape but some how with the hair and the flow of the dress if fell down for me.  Just whelmed.

Jessica Biel in lace pants with a skirt.  
Would have loved to have seen a great earring with this but loved the lazercut lace!

 Rooney Mara punk'ing it out in white.  Great choice for her skin tone.  And that lip, wow!  This is what I think a punk angel would look like..lol

Amber Heard in red lace.  Perhaps a safe and feminine choice however the black underneath gives it a little edge.  Again would have done something else with the hair, too pretty.

Like Madonna, Nicole Ritchie committed to the theme.  White hair, hmmm, wouldn't green or purple have been more punk?  Dress fits her like a glove.  Remember the Simple Life, what a difference!

Newlywed Blake Lively was a safe.  Not great not poor.  Dress is amazing though, but did it wear her?

Now there is a punk hair do!  Jennifer Morrison looked like the perfect balance of punk meets lady.

 Model Karolina Kurkova rocked a mini dress.  Different patterns, eyeliner for days equals perfect punk!  Look at her pose on the carpet; that is how you become a SUPER MODEL.

 TV favorite Mindy Kailing looked amazing.  Loved the turquoise clutch.  
Safe outfit for the event but amazing none the less.

Jesus Christ superstar meets the Queen?!  Whatever Katy Perry's motivation for the night the look was a slam dunk.  I will name her Punk Princess of the night!  
No one else could have pulled this look off; it was made for her!

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