Event Clothing... Kentucky Derby 2013

If your weekend was anything like mine I was outside ALL WEEKEND.  From lunching on patios, to hikes and walks, a trip to the anitque market, I spent almost no time inside.  I have a very red nose to prove it.  
So if like me, you also missed the Kentucky Derby (not that I ever 'really' watch it).  The hats as everyone knows are 'the' most important part, sorry horse-ies..lol  For today's post I rounded up some of my favorites from the Derby!  The Derby is on my bucket list, something about it just makes me want to see it in person.  I also day dream of how fabulous my hat would be if I ever do go!  I mean, can you imagine! hahahaha

In the mean time, it is Monday, so sip your coffee, tip your hat, relax and look at so beautiful hats!

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