Just Because...

This is one of my favorite photos of my Mum and I.  This is us, post Turkish Bath in Istanbul in 2010.  I snapped this as we waited for the elevator as we had tears in our eyes I wanted to capture it on film so that I never would forget.  No makeup, and a giggle fest ensuing, we couldn't stop laughing for at least an hour.  And still to this day when we talk about it we laugh.  I love having this memory with my mum.

Yesterday was Mother's day but she needed a shout out on this blog too!  She inspires me, pushes me.  She always believes in me, and always puts me in place..lol  She is a superhero in my eyes, a friend to all that know her.  Thanks Mum for all you do, and even more for all that you WILL do.

Happy Mother's Day.

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