That old expression "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" makes complete sense for you and your girlfriends I am sure.  Yes there are always an exception but for the most part if you and looked your closest girlfriends you have very similar styles.  Quite possibly even raid each others closets; in my case they raid my shoe closet..lol

Saw this picture of Jennifer Lawrence walking with some friends and I thought, if the ladies all traded outfits each girl would still looks fantastic!  Not to mention I thought I would wear all three looks!

Sometimes you just need 'that' top for those jeans so go shopping in your friends closet, free shopping is the best kind! lol  And if she is a true friend she totally won't mind!

Shout out to my girls whom I swap with all the time!! :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I am heading up to my parents cottage and could not be more thrilled for some sunshine, bike rides along the lake, laughs and of course quality time with Dad for Father's Day!

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