Ahhh, the long weekend is finally here!!  

Some people might be heading to amusement parks to have some fun in the sun with family and friends.  {Cindy} is going to {Thorpe Park} with her classmates since they finished their exams this week. YEAH!   With that said today's post is all about what I think makes for an ideal amusement park outfit, how to look stylish all while being practical!

A great walking short... because you will be walking A LOT

An easy breasy tank or tee... make it breathable and effortless cause no doubt, it will be HOT

A cross-body satchel... to keep all the daily things you will need.  Not to big that it gets heavy, but large enough to keep a bottle of water and sunscreen in it

Simple jewellery.... great shades, nothing over the top!  Last thing you want is your 2-foot length feather earring to get stuck on a gear of a roller-coaster.  Less is def more in this scenario

Lastly, a good leather sandal....or a chic stable shoe like a loafer or a boat shoe.  You will be walking ALL DAY so do not wear a flip flop or your feet will be killing you.  And why ruin a fun day out with foot pain!

Enjoy yourself this weekend no matter what your doing!  
To remind you, I will be trying to do {THIS} list all weekend!

Amusment Park

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  1. Great post! That is so true about the long earrings. I can't imagine wearing any big or long earrings and them getting hung on something. Yikes. Love those sandals you picked!


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